Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Week's New Music

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10 rising artists, only 1 will emerge. Discover and support your favorite developing acts by following, streaming and sharing.
New Releases
.5: The Gray Chapter
Hold My Home
Cold War Kids
Kings & Queens of the Underground
Billy Idol
For Madeleine
Seinabo Sey
Pain Killer
Little Big Town
Spotify picks
The Swedish DJ duo, consisting of Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund, are back with another banger of a track. Listen to "Blind Heart" and the rest of the tracks that have defined moments in their career.
Too Bright + Thing
Perfume Genius
Listen to the highly acclaimed album, "Too Bright," from Perfume Genius, along with a new track exclusive to Spotify.
It's Raining So I Think I'll Stay In
Having a gray day? Curl up on the couch, pour yourself a glass of wine, and listen to Lights' favorite rainy day tracks.
Samples and Inspirations
The Weeknd
You love the music, these are the roots. Check out all the samples and inspirations from Weeknd's albums, "Trilogy" and "Kiss Land."
Burnt Offering
The Budos Band
For the past week, the Budos Band have been rolling out tracks from their new album exclusively on Spotify. Listen to Burnt Offering in its entirety now.
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