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Daily Headlines

By Eric Zuesse
Republican Bigs Consider Donating to Hillary Clinton
After defeating the public, they turn their guns against each other.
By Deena Stryker
Europe's Demons
Background and last-minute news as Europe flirts with another war.
Get arrested for robbing a bank or shoplifting and you will go to prison. Get caught selling cocaine or steal a car and you will do jail time. But if you are a CEO of one of the biggest banks in America and that bank is fined mega-billions for fraudulent practices you need not worry because the U.S. Justice Department will give you a free pass; you are, in effect, above the law.
The news media has ignored perhaps the most important news of the week--that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is letting utilities permanently store radioactive waste in above-ground containers. The article explains why it's a disaster for the environment and the economy.
Reports of police brutality are routine occurrences that happen many times each day. Gratuitous police violence in America is totally out of control. Every day police murder 1.4 Americans, and beat, taser, body slam, and break into the homes of many others. Ferguson made it into the news, but Americans suffer police violence every day.
The New York Times, like much of the knee-jerk anti-Russia West, is in a panic, due to a string of victories by the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. As a consequence, cunning, deceit and derangement have become substitutes for responsible journalism.
The fantasy spread by Western governments and their media whores that 1,000 Russian troops have invaded Ukraine is the height of absurdity. All of this nonsense is a buildup to the upcoming NATO conference in Wales. Disinformation is being used to create hysteria and justification for a NATO military buildup on Russia's borders that could easily result in the final war.
By Justin Raimondo
Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria
Speaking of hoaxes, here's a biggie: they're telling us that the long-awaited Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine has finally arrived! Yay! You can almost hear the sigh of relief all the way from Washington. The War Party's journalistic camarilla -- which has been telling us for the past six months or so that Putin's move was "imminent" -- yelped "we told you so!"
This article turns a searchlight on the framing trick mega-corps have used to con Congress, and suggests new, more popularly accessible, empowering framing for abstract, metaphysical sounding terms like "corporate state." It also zeroes in on important positive news about getting beyond the dangers we face from the mega-corps now.
We can do far better than we're doing now. Too often in modern America, we equate "equal opportunity" with an opportunity to get a four-year liberal arts degree. It should mean an opportunity to learn what's necessary to get a good job.
"The average efficiency of livestock converting plant feed to meat is less than 3%, and as we eat more meat, more arable cultivation is turned over to producing feedstock for animals that provide meat for humans. The losses at each stage are large, and as humans globally eat more and more meat, conversion from plants to food becomes less and less efficient, driving agricultural expansion and land cover conversion, and releasing more greenhouse gases. Agricultural practices are not necessarily at fault here -- but our choice of food is," said Bajzelj.
Review of the history of imperialism and colonization with in the New World, in terms of how it compares to the negative effects we may see from the U.S involvement in the Middle East.
By Suzana Megles
US Senate Midterm Report on the Animals
If you care about legislation which will help the animals, I have copied the voting records of the US Senators for the Midterm of the 113th Congress. I hope this will entice you to check as well your US Representative's voting record as well in the Humane Scoreboard which can be found on the internet.
In the two most recent decades, owner-occupied housing in Philadelphia dropped even more steeply than in the '70s and '80s. Between 2000 and 2012, the percentage of Philly houses and apartments inhabited by owners dropped from 59 to 52, the second-sharpest decline among big U.S. cities during that time.
Women need to teach thier sons about women, relationships and becoming men because their fathers do not know. Boys get confused signals from everyday life and need help in understanding them otherwise they make the same mistakes as other men.
By David Glenn Cox
Hain't We Got All the Fools?
Michael Brown its aledged was jaywalking, prompting an altercation with a white policeman, which led to his death. So what has changed in America? An unarmed black man is killed by police and almost automatically, almost reflexively, the American public assumes, he must have done something to deserve being killed.
As societies grow larger, anonymity becomes a problem that undermines cooperation and compliance with social norms. Thus, the monitoring of individuals becomes complicated, thus, the need for a supernatural policing arises and consequently, so does the need for big gods.
For low-wage workers, Seattle's minimum wage increase means a chance to go to school, pay the rent, and visit the dentist.
If by now we can't recognize that Obama, Media and Koch Brothers each have a strategy but GW didn't, then how will we recognize the light at the end of the tunnel when it appears on the horizon?
Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who resigned last month after losing renomination to an underfunded college professor, spent much of his 13-plus years in the U.S. Congress advancing the agenda of Wall Street investment firms. This week, he announced that he will be joining a Wall Street investment bank as its new vice chairman. Cantor will be joining Moelis & Co., the investment bank said, to "provide strategic counsel to the Firm's corporate and institutional clients on key issues," to "play a leading role in client development," and to "advise clients on strategic matters."
Viral video of a violent reaction to coming out has a parallel to what happened 24 years ago.
Chomsky's point is that Western elites carve out an obvious exception for themselves -- they deem their own countries "to be uniquely exempt from the principle of universality." The crimes of enemies take place; our own do not, by virtue of our exemption from the most elementary of moral truisms."
With control of the Senate at stake, the months leading up to the mid-term elections offer a clearer window on a crowd of potential presidential candidates already jockeying for position from Nevada to New Hampshire. Their cross-country touring will intensify this fall under the gaze of voters who will pick their parties' nominees. Whichever party controls the Senate after the November 4 balloting_Republicans need a six-seat gain to win the majority_will say much about what President Barack Obama can accomplish in the final two years of his presidency and the tone of the race to succeed him.
The UN Human Rights Council has unanimously agreed to send an emergency mission to Iraq to investigate Islamic
Wingnut Erick Erickson is on the verge of toppling the proverbial chess board entirely as, once again, he finds himself on the losing side of both the factual and political game when it comes to the "debate" about global warming.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, is facing a military commission at Guantanamo Bay and potentially the death penalty. He was captured in 2003 but his case still hasn't gone to trial. Last week, Maj. Jason Wright -- one of the lawyers defending Mohammed -- resigned from the Army. He has accused the U.S. government of "abhorrent leadership" on human rights and due process guarantees and says it is crafting a "show trial."
By earl ofari hutchinson
Fast Food Workers Need a Real Break Today
A couple of generations of school kids have grown up on the catchy McDonald's advertising jingle, "You deserve a break today." But during every working moment of those years McDonald's workers have gotten anything but a break when it comes to working hours and worse, their wages for those hours.
By David Swanson
Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded!
The U.S. media has repeatedly been claiming that Russia has invaded Ukraine.
By Tom Engelhardt
Engelhardt, The Escalation Follies
Whatever your politics, you're not likely to feel great about America right now. After all, there's Ferguson (the whole world was watching!), an increasingly unpopular president, a Congress whose approval ratings make the president look like a rock star, rising poverty, weakening wages, and a growing inequality gap just to start what could be a long list.
Latest Articles

Military overspending, too many wars, Crazies (Barbarians, Goths, & Huns?), political corruption, lead-addled thinkers"... Is Roman History warning us? How crazy is it to cheaply employ and deploy young & old $40,000 volunteers to develop answers to world needs without contracting PTSD, when each military personnel cost $1 million and returns sodiers sadly touched with too much crazy? Here's a National Service answer.
My Encounter with Ukrainian-American Nazi Mark Paslawsky: What He Died For
Crucial information on Ukrainian Neo-Nazi hisgory in the U.S., by George Eliason, writing from Lugansk.
dystopia, hope, future, sci-fi,paranoia
The numerical value of yoga. 108 in astronomy, astrology, yoga, tai chi and meditation.
can we assume that Zionism and Israel are good for the Jews? The answer is no, we cannot. Zionism failed the Jews by insisting on an Israel for one group alone. That insistence has inevitably led to racism, discrimination and ethnic cleansing. These are not practices that have characterized modern Jewry and so it is simply wrong to equate Zionism with Judaism and insist that Israel stands in for the world's Jews.
Labor's Enclosure -: Understanding Capitalism & Factor Imbalance
Labor Day - The need to understand the gross imbalance of political, economic, and social power between labor and capital that has warped society, economy, and capitalism itself.
Today the US has the most unequally distributed income and wealth of all developed economies and one of the worst in the entire world. Few Americans other than the One Percent have a stake in the American economic and political system. The American people have been subdued and turned into a flock of sheep. Will they ever rise again?
The climate change march in New York on Sept. 21, expected to draw as many as 200,000 people, is one of the last gasps of conventional liberalism's response to the climate crisis. It will take place two days before the actual gathering of world leaders in New York called by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the November 2015 U.N. Climate Conference in Paris.
A new calendar of peace holidays has just been published. And none too soon, if you've noticed the epidemic of military holidays around us.
The Elders are a group of leaders who were brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela to use their "independent, collective experience and influence to work for peace, poverty eradication, a sustainable planet, justice and human rights, working both publicly and through private diplomacy to engage with global leaders and civil society to resolve conflict and address its root causes.
Hillary Got It Right on Ferguson and Race
Hillary Clinton was pilloried and battered for days on end for not uttering a peep about the Michael Brown slaying, the Ferguson disorders, and most importantly race. Clinton took heat on this for the simple reason that she almost certainly will run for president and likely win.
The Courage To Disarm
Is anyone healthy enough, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, to be trusted with the use of lethal force?
A few random meetings with a US military officer and a couple of Ukrainian refugees from their country's civil war offer insight into what's happening in Ukraine, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff, just back from a reporting trip to Finland's arctic region.
Was the Moreland Commission killed because it pointed back to a media payola system used by the governor to buy influence with the media? Onlookers can only speculate as Cuomo has gone silent, running out the clock as the DOJ investigation seems unlikely to indict or absolve Cuomo before the Sept. 9 gubernatorial primary. Meanwhile, anti-corruption candidate Zephyr Teachout struggles to expand her name-recognition in time.
Best News Links from the Web

New horizon in heart failure: Investigational drug poised to change cardiology -- ScienceDaily
Findings from the PARADIGM-HF trial, published simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine, "are extraordinarily powerful and compelling; they are destined to change the management of patients with chronic heart failure for years to come," said Milton Packer, MD, co-primary author of the study from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas, Texas USA.
"Several Turkish F-16 fighter jets bombed a caravan of villagers that night, apparently under the belief that they were guerilla fighters with the separatist Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK). The group was returning from northern Iraq and their mules were loaded down with fuel canisters and other cargo. They turned out to be smugglers, not PKK fighters. Some 34 people died in the attack. "An American Predator drone flying overhead had detected the group, prompting U.S. analysts to alert their Turkish partners." This entire incident served as a timely reminder of the special relationship between America and Turkey over the latter's desire to quash Kurdish separatists.
A secretive data and technology company linked to conservative oil billionaires Charles and David Koch has reached an agreement to share its information with the "voter file and data management company" that holds an exclusive agreement with the Republican National Committee. This will allow the Republican Party full access to voter data collected by the Koch's Freedom Partners entities and clients -- and entrenches the Kochs' network even deeper into the GOP.
Los Angeles's problems reflect the challenges many American cities face after years of recession-era belt-tightening prompted them to delay basic maintenance. But the sheer size of Los Angeles, its reliance on the automobile and, perhaps most important, the stringent voter-imposed restrictions on the government's ability to raise taxes have turned the region into a symbol of the nation's infrastructure woes.
NATO leaders will respond to the Ukraine crisis by agreeing this week to create a "spearhead" rapid reaction force, potentially including several thousand troops, that could be sent to a hotspot in as little as two days, officials said on Monday. The 28-nation alliance already has a rapid reaction force but U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders meeting for a NATO summit in Wales on Thursday and Friday are expected to create a new force that would be able to respond more quickly to a crisis.
Fox News' Megyn Kelly throws bones, bouncing off of Bill O'Reilly's pointy head, to minority viewers -- trying to reinvigorate her slothful humanity. Bill, as per usual, tries to showcase his obvious magnanimity and spotlight his humanity by comparing African Americans to Asian Americans. Bill points out how this other "not us" race has even overcome a language barrier and become successful. What he fully understands is that he, again, is saying that there is something inherently wrong with Black people and that he has an eager audience ready and waiting to slurp up this destructive garbage. Bill is not just a Racist -- he wants us all to know that he is a magnanimous, humane racist. Fox is a homegrown terrorist organization: it doesn't destroy with car bombs and beheadings -- it destroys with filthy propaganda that validates the baser instincts of our nature.
For months now, Western mainstream media has been crying wolf over a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The latest occasion is the rebel counter-offensive in Southeastern Ukraine. For all the hysteria and teeth-gnashing, no evidence has been presented (as usual). If Russia really decided to invade Ukraine, one would not have to look for the evidence in a haystack of imagination. Read on...
The U.S. military carried out a counterterrorism strike Monday against leaders of the militant group al-Shabab in Somalia, Pentagon officials said, although it was unclear whether the operation was successful. The Pentagon statement did not say whether the operation was limited to drone strikes or whether U.S. commandos had been present on the ground.
President Barack Obama used his Labor Day speech on Monday to slam Republicans for opposing an increase in the minimum wage, equal pay for women, affordable health care and more. "Republicans in Congress love to say 'no.' Those are just facts, they're facts of life. They say 'no' to everything," Obama said. If we had a Congress that cared about policies that actually help working people, I promise you we could get everything done that we've talked about doing. But until we have that Congress, it's up to us to fight for these policies."
Although President Obama pledged last year to revive his efforts to close Guantánamo, his administration has managed to free just one low-level prisoner this year, leaving 79 who are approved for transfer to other countries. It has also not persuaded Congress to lift its ban on moving the remaining 70 higher-level detainees to a prison inside the United States.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is celebrating Labor Day weekend by standing up for unions and taking down the Koch Brothers. Sanders says an agenda change is needed. Instead of a government that works for billionaires and big corporations, the nation needs an agenda that rebuilds the middle class and jumpstarts our economic engine. Progress won't occur as long as the Koch own Republicans are in the way.
Well over 1,000 people protested peacefully, marching through Ferguson, going to the police station and some going door-to-door in prosecutor McCulloch's neighborhood asking him to be removed or recuse himself. There are calls for shutting down highways on Labor Day and, if Officer Wilson is not fired and arrested, for shutting down highways for two days the week after. They marched for two miles to the police station with their 'leaders' who did not arrive at the station until there was already more than 100 people there confronting the police. Protesters demanded the arrest of Officer Wilson, removal of Prosecutor McCulloch and an end to racial profiling.
So, what do you think about those Medicare numbers? What, you haven't heard about them? Well, they haven't been front-page news. But something remarkable has been happening on the health-spending front, and it should (but probably won't) transform a lot of our political debate. A funny thing has happened: Health spending has slowed sharply, and it's already well below projections made just a few years ago. The falloff has been especially pronounced in Medicare, which is spending $1,000 less per beneficiary than the Congressional Budget Office projected just four years ago.
Israel announced on Sunday a land appropriation in the occupied West Bank that an anti-settlement group termed the biggest in 30 years, drawing Palestinian condemnation and a U.S. rebuke. "We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision," a State Department official said in Washington, calling the move "counterproductive" to efforts to achieve a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.
Pennsylvania Makes Public 243 Cases of Fracking Contaminated Water; by FishOutofWater. Daily Kos
The state of Pennsylvania has released redacted details of 243 cases of water contamination caused by fracking and related activities by the natural gas industry. Claims made by the fracking industry that they have not contaminated water are utter rubbish. These 243 cases which took place in Pennsylvania between 2008 and 2014 involve a wide range of contamination problems including the contamination of multiple water supply wells by one fracking operation. State officials did not indicate how many more cases of contamination may have occurred since 2008 that are not included in this list.The 243 cases, from 2008 to 2014, include some where a single drilling operation impacted multiple water wells. The problems listed in the documents include methane gas contamination, spills of wastewater and other pollutants, and wells that went dry or were otherwise undrinkable.
End the Tyranny of 24/7 Email - By CLIVE THOMPSONAUG NYTimes
Limiting workplace email seems radical, but it's a trend: "White-collar cubicle dwellers complain about email for good reason. They spend 28 percent of their workweek slogging through the stuff, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. They check their messages 74 times a day, on average, according to Gloria Mark, an authority on workplace behavior and a professor at the University of California, Irvine. And lots of that checking happens at home. Jennifer Deal, a senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership, surveyed smartphone-using white-collar workers and found that most were umbilically tied to email a stunning 13.5 hours a day, well into the evening. Workers don't even take a break during dinner -- where, other research shows, fully 38 percent check work email "routinely," peeking at the phone under the table. Half check it in bed in the morning. "
Charter School Profits Grow for Investors Through Real Estate Deals; Noah Pransky, WTSP
Charter School Profits Grow for Investors Through Real Estate Deals. The latest story comes from Florida, where for-profit charter entrepreneurs are making big dough. Why do we see the same story in state after state? Wherever for-profit charter schools exist or wherever state law allows charter schools to hire for-profit management companies, someone is making a lot of money that was supposed to go for educating students. The latest story comes from Florida, where for-profit charter entrepreneurs are making big dough. "Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that are authorized by -- but not operated by -- each school district. For each student who "chooses" a charter, his or her school gets state dollars but Charter Schools USA isn't offering students anything that's not available in public schools.
FBI Tracks Charter Schools; By Ruth Conniff
Ruth Conniff of "The Progressive" reports that the FBI is becoming more assertive in its investigation of criminal behavior by charter schools. Charter schools receive millions of dollars of public money with minimal accountability. In some states, they have gone to court to fight public audits, claiming that the schools are public but the organization running them is a private corporation. Conniff reports: "From Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge, from Hartford to Cincinnati to Albuquerque, FBI agents have been busting into schools, carting off documents, and making arrests leading to high-profile indictments." She adds:"Charter schools are such a racket, across the nation they are attracting special attention from the FBI, which is working with the Department of Education's inspector general to look into allegations of charter-school fraud.
Endless Assault on Health Care Reform - NYTimes.com
From the beginning, the opponents of the Affordable Care Act have tried everything they could to kill it. As one conservative scholar, Michael Greve, said in 2010: "I do not care how this is done, whether it's dismembered, whether we drive a stake through its heart, whether we tar and feather it and drive it out of town, whether we strangle it." Yet the challengers keep losing in Congress and in court.The latest jerry-built effort to destroy health care reform could be defeated in the full federal appeals court in the District of Columbia. In July, a three-judge panel of that court -- taking a ridiculously crabbed view of a section in the law -- ruled 2-to-1 that tax-credit subsidies are allowed only for those buying insurance on a health exchange "established by the state." Therefore, it said, no subsidies for people in 36 states where the federal government set up the exchange
California Governor Appeals Court Ruling Overturning Protections for Teachers - by By ADAM NAGOURNEYAUG ;NYTimes
In a one-page appeal filed late Friday afternoon, Gov. Brown and the state attorney general, Kamala D. Harris, argued that a decision of such scope needed to be made by a higher court, and that the judge in this case had declined a request by the governor and attorney general "to provide a detailed statement of the factual and legal bases for its ruling.""Changes of this magnitude, as a matter of law and policy, require appellate review," it said of the case, Vergara v. California. Teacher unions here had denounced the decision, saying teachers were being scapegoated for the failures of educational institutions. But the ruling was strongly welcomed by the federal education secretary, Arne Duncan whose narrative blamed teachers and offered testing, and California Republicans -- including Neel Kashkari, who is challenging Mr. Brown this fall.
In E-Sports, Video Gamers Draw Real Crowds and Big Money - By NICK WINGFIELD, NYTimes
Having already upended the entertainment world -- global revenue for games is $20 billion higher than the music industry's and is chasing that of the movie business -- the games industry has turned its ambitions toward the lucrative world of professional video game competition, widely known as e-sports. The signs of success already mirror the achievements of major sports. Game tournaments sell out giant arenas, and some attract at-home audiences larger than those of top traditional sporting events. Madison Avenue's highest fliers, like Coca-Cola and American Express, have lined up as sponsors. Prize money has soared to the millions of dollars, and top players earn six- or seven-figure incomes and attract big and passionate followings, luring a generation of younger players to seek fame and fortune as gamers.on a sunny day in July, every attack and counterattack by a five-person team ...
ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media - By SCOTT SHANE and BEN HUBBARDAUG NYTimes.
A review of its prodigious output in print and online reveals a number of surprises. The extremists who have seized large parts of Syria and Iraq have riveted the world's attention with their military prowess and unrestrained brutality. But Western intelligence services are also worried about their extraordinary command of seemingly less lethal weapons: state-of-the-art videos, ground images shot from drones and multilingual Twitter messages. ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is using every contemporary mode of messaging to recruit fighters, intimidate enemies and promote its claim to have established a caliphate, a unified Muslim state run according to a strict interpretation of Islamic law. If its bigotry and beheadings seem to come from a distant century, its use of media is up to the moment.
Stephen Sawchuck Asks: Do Evaluations Punish Teachers of Needy Students? by Diane Ravitch
What you need to know - the evidence about what works in education: Stephen Sawchuck notes at Education Week that a pattern is emerging from teacher evaluation programs: The highest ratings go disproportionately to teachers of advantaged students and the lowest ratings to teachers of students who are disadvantaged. He wonders whether this suggests that the ratings systems are biased against those who teach the neediest students or does it suggest that the schools with high numbers of disadvantaged students get the worst teachers. I am reminded of the joint statement released a few years ago by the American Educational Research Association and the National Academy of Education, which predicted that those who taught the neediest students would get the lowest ratings because of factors beyond their control. Their schools are apt to get less resources than they need and have larger classes..
Schneider: The New Sales Technique for Common Core: by Diane Ravitch
Important Ed News If you are looking for truth in the 15,880 districts in 50 states -- the process they will import to the public schools near YOU! Mercedes Schneider has discovered a new public relations campaign to sell the Common Core, especially in California, where the state has not jumped head first into testing, as New York did. Since public support, especially teacher support, for Common Core appears to be evaporating, it makes sense to hire a sophisticated group of communications experts to redesign the sales campaign.No more crisis talk (quick, someone tell Arne and Bill)! No more bad-mouthing our kids. After all, if they are so far behind, how can they meet new standards. Downplay the blame game, downplay the importance of competition, downplay the high-stakes testing. Those tropes don't work. They discourage support. The good words are innovation, excellent teaching..
Labor, Shas, Meretz say Lapid is making poor people pay for Operation Protective Edge without cutting tax breaks for the wealthy. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yair Lapid are tearing the delicate fabric of Israeli society, opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) said Sunday, as ministers authorized budget cuts in all ministries except defense. "The cuts that Netanyahu and Lapid initiated in welfare, health and education are very severe," Herzog said. "With one hand, they're budgeting aid to Gaza border towns and they're cutting it with the other." According to Herzog, it was customary for many years not to cut the welfare and health budget even when other ministries had to reduce spending. "The prime minister and finance minister are harming the weakest links in the Israeli public, the needy and the periphery...
There was a time not so long ago when Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round their president. Once elected, the man who won the White House was no longer viewed as a republican or democrat, but the President of the United States. The oath of office was taken, the wagons were circled around the country's borders and it was America versus the rest of the world with the president of all the people at the helm. Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule. Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule.
Imagining Successful Schools; by Joe Nocera, NYTimes
We know what the current system of accountability looks like, and it's not pretty. Ever since the passage of No Child Left Behind 12 years ago, teachers have been judged, far too simplistically, based on standardized tests given to their students -- tests, as Marc S. Tucker points out in a new report, Fixing Our National Accountability System, that are used to decide which teachers should get to keep their jobs and which should be fired. This system has infuriated and shamed teachers, and is a lot of the reason that teacher turnover is so high, causing even many of the best teachers to abandon the ranks. "There is no evidence that it is contributing anything to improved student performance." Meanwhile, he adds, test-based accountability is "doing untold damage to the profession of teaching."The main thing that works is treating teaching as a profession, and teachers as professionals. "

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