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NYPD Lynched Eric Garner! We Don't Need Investigations -- We Need An End to Police Murder! | The Palestinians' Ri

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Daily Headlines

By Carl Dix
The NYPD Lynched Eric Garner! We Don't Need Investigations -- We Need An End to Police Murder!

Strange Fruit on Staten Island

By Chris Hedges
The Palestinians' Right to Self-Defense

It does not matter how many Palestinians are killed or wounded, how many Palestinian homes are demolished, how dire the poverty becomes in Gaza or the West Bank, how many years Gaza is under a blockade or how many settlements go up on Palestinian territory. Israel, with our protection, can act with impunity. We are responsible for the slaughter.

By Rob Kall
Mary Pipher-- Being an Activist in Discouraging Times, In A Red State

Psychologist Mary Pipher returns to the show. Last time she talked about writing to change the world. This time, she talks about how discouragement, despair, depression can be a response to challenging times for activists, and how change and activism can be embraced, even in a red state, even working with conservatives, on opposing Keystone XL pipeline

By Kevin Zeese
Outrage! FCC Official Says a million people commenting will not make much difference

Join us in Urging Regional FCC Hearings throughout the Country on an Open Internet With No Discrimination

By Veena Trehan
Spotlights and Solutions for College Rape

Recently media coverage of college rape has picked up,and government and universities are implementing solutions to this longstanding, national, and costly campus issue.

By David Swanson
The Palestinian Right and the American Left

Chris Hedges says that Palestinians have the right to self-defense in the form of rockets, without including any consideration of whether the rockets make the Palestinians more or less defended. There is, after all, a reasonable argument that the rockets are counter-productive and endangering, rather than protecting, Palestine.

By Karen Davis
The Secret Life of Poultry Products

Recent investigations of poultry production plants in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. have revealed a world of suffering and filth so dirty and deep that no dystopian fantasy can compare with how a package of slaughtered birds ends up in a store.

By The Intercept
Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a TerroristThe Intercept

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither "concrete facts" nor "irrefutable evidence" to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

By Danny Schechter
Suicidal Bombers Over Gaza In A World Coming Apart
Is Israel on A Suicide Mission in Gaza driven by fanaticism and self-defeating logic? News Dissector Danny Schechter on the costs and consequences behind the bloodshed.

By Paul Craig Roberts
US Intelligence: No Evidence Russia Did It

After placing hostile blame for the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Russia, the White House permitted US intelligence officials to tell reporters there is no evidence of Russia's involvement. When we see signs of opposition to the massive lies and deceptions that define the US government in the 21st century, we should cheer and support those who confront the lies. Our future, and that of the world, depend on it.

By Media Matters
NRA Floats Idea Of Kids Needing To Show Gun Proficiency "To Advance To The Next Grade"

NRA News commentator Billy Johnson imagined a compulsory education system that would require children to become proficient with firearms, just like "reading and writing," even "if they didn't want to learn. It wouldn't matter if they didn't want to learn. We would make it necessary to advance to the next grade."

By Matthew Butler
Web filters and Alternative Spirituality: The Selective Censorship of 'Alternative Beliefs'

Commercial web filters are often rigged to selectively target alternative spirituality and beliefs. Sites can be classified, segregated and blocked under an "alternative spirituality/belief" category, which is often described negatively. The widespread use of filters to block alternative beliefs on public networks, while allowing access to traditional/mainstream beliefs, raises issues of censorship, discrimination and prejudic

By Mark Harris
The Progressive Sensibilities of James Garner

Actor James Garner was a lifelong progressive, a critic of war and a man who believed in fair play for "the little guy." Reflections on the life of a Hollywood legend.

By Will Fantle
Lack of Transparency Fuels Corruption Allegations in Organic Governance

The Cornucopia Institute calls on the USDA to make National Organic Standards Board applicant list available to the public. Pending their sharing the whole list, Cornucopia offers a list of known applicants based on their research.

By Donn Marten
Sports Icon Tony Dungy Outs Himself as Anti-Gay Bigot

Despite ongoing and encouraging progress there is a deeply entrenched, institutionalized and widespread streak of hatred and intolerance towards gay people that continues to rear it's ugly head. This is especially predominant with the adherents to the mutated American version of Christianity which mixes Jesus with Orwell. It is most evident when a revered national figure lets their true feelings slip in an unguarded moment.

UN: Islamic State Militants Order Female Genital Mutilation In Iraq

"GENEVA, July 24 (Reuters) - Militant group Islamic State has ordered all girls and women in and around Iraq's northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, the United Nations said on Thursday."

By Rick Cohen
The Courage of Humanitarian Aid Workers in Gaza

Secretary of State John Kerry announced $47 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza. He didn't explain how the aid would get there and who on the ground would distribute it to people in need. A blog diary from an aid worker employed by American Near East Refugee Aid describes the challenges faced and the courage needed in delivering aid amidst the Israeli bombardment.

How a solar storm nearly destroyed life as we know it two years ago

On July 23, 2012, the sun unleashed two massive clouds of plasma that barely missed a catastrophic encounter with the Earth's atmosphere. These plasma clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), comprised a solar storm thought to be the most powerful in at least 150 years.

By Eric Zuesse
America's Nazi Allies in Israel and Ukraine
The character of our country is now being determined.

By Chris Ernesto
Israel Has Bombed 4 Muslim Countries This Year

In 2014, Israel dropped bombs in more countries than any nation in the world, other than the United States. And each country attacked by the two military powers is predominantly Muslim.

Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk resigns

Ukraine's prime minister has tendered his resignation, berating parliament for failing to pass legislation to take control over the country's increasingly precarious energy situation and to increase army financing. The usually mild-mannered Yatseniuk bellowed at politicians who had failed to pass a law to allow a liberalisation of control over Ukraine's pipeline system. He said Ukraine's politicians were at risk of losing the hearts and minds of the thousands who protested for months in the "Maidan" protests in favour of joining Europe and against a pro-Moscow president.

By David Swanson
This is the Israeli Military Calling: Civilizing War Has Failed

Probably the biggest news story of 1928 was the war-making nations of the world coming together on August 27th and legally outlawing war. It's a story that's not told in our history books, but it's not secret CIA history. There was no CIA. There was virtually no weapons industry as we know it. There weren't two political parties in the United States uniting in support of war after war.

7 Ways U.S. Foreign Policy Would Be Even More Disastrous If There Were a Republican in the White House

It's hard to recall a time when the world presented more crises with fewer easy solutions. And for the Republicans, all of these woes have a common genesis: American weakness projected by Barack Obama. People in the Middle East, former Vice President Dick Cheney said recently, "are absolutely convinced that the American capacity to lead and influence in that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by this president." He added, "We've got a problem with weakness, and it's centered right in the White House."

Israeli Fire Hits UN School In Gaza, At Least 15 Dead

Israeli tank shells hit a compound housing a U.N. school in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens who were seeking shelter from fierce clashes on the streets outside. Pools of blood soiled the school courtyard, amid scattered books and belongings. There was a large scorch mark in the courtyard marking the place where one of the tank shells hit.

By Thom Hartmann
Rich rats hijacked our democracy

As the wealthy elite and corporations are profiting off of their investments in Washington, the rest of us are living in a very different America than we had just a generation ago. It's now an America that, despite its great wealth, looks more and more like a third-world country each day.

By John Nichols
Detroit's Fight for Water Rights Is Showing How to Battle (and Beat) Austerity

Last week, protests by Detroiters and allies from across the country focused local, national and international attention on the Detroit Water and Sewage Department's program of shutting off water service for thousands of low-income families that have fallen behind in paying bills.

By Pepe Escobar
A chessboard drenched in blood

Moscow, in building its case on the MH17 tragedy, will bide its time to debunk Kiev's claims and maximize its own credibility. The game now moves to the black boxes and the cockpit voice recorder. Still Ukraine will remain the do-or-die battlefield -- a chessboard drenched in blood.

By Joanne Boyer
The Grass Roots Fight For A Living Wage

Jennifer Epps-Addison, Executive Director of Wisconsin Jobs Now offers hope for a future that includes a living wage for U.S. workers.

By Burl Hall
We Refuse to be Enemies: Vision Camp in Israel-Palestine
As the Middle East explodes into violence, Leila Dregger and Sabine Lichtenfiledsare beginning a 5 day vision camp in the Westbank. Their purpose is create a "frequency of calmness" in which mutual perception, sharing, deep listening, clear thinking and vision building is possible."


Latest Articles

Beauty and Truth

Was Keats right?

New Drug Regimen: A miracle treatment for TB is a near possibility
Global Alliance for TB-Drug Development (TB Alliance) raised hopes of a novel drug regimen to treat both forms of TB--drug sensitive (DS) and multi-drug resistant (MDR)--at the XX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, offering a new paradigm in TB treatment to treat patients with drugs to which they are sensitive, rather than based on what they are resistant to.

Australia reinforces its commitment in fight against AIDS
Australia has taken a lead in supporting public health in India over the years. With XX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) being held in Melbourne, Citizen News Service interviewed Bernard Philip, Deputy High Commissioner of Australia to India. "The conference is providing an opportunity to showcase Australia's leadership in the global HIV response, particularly in Asia and the Pacific.

Summary of Adam Curtis Part 1 The Power of Nightmares
Summary report on Adam Curtis The Power of Nightmares, Part 1.

Peter Van Buren: Undue Process in Washington
What a world we're in. Thanks to smartphones, iPads, and the like, everyone is now a photographer, but it turns out that, in the public landscape, there's ever less to photograph. So here are a few tips for living more comfortably in a photographically redacted version of our post-9/11 world. Thank You for Your Review!
A review of Gabor S. Boritt's book "Why the Confederacy Lost, with commentaries by the reviewer.

Gaza's Resistance Will Not be Crushed

In Gaza, the past and the present are intertwined. Israel is united by the same purpose: crushing anyone who dares to resist. Palestinians in Gaza are also united with a common threat: their resistance, which, despite impossible odds seems likely to intensify.

National Day of Action For Gaza - March TOMORROW 4:45 pm in Manhattan

Thursday July 24 Meet JVP-NYC at 4:45 pm South part of Foley Square in Manhattan at Duane and Center Streets March at 5 pm

Jews Say: End the War on Gaza -- No Aid to Apartheid Israel!

On July 12, 2014, Gaza civil society issued an urgent appeal for solidarity, asking: "How many of our lives are dispensable enough until the world takes action? How much of our blood is sufficient?"As Jews of conscience, we answer by unequivocally condemning Israel's ongoing massacre in Gaza, whose victims include hundreds of civilians, children, entire families, the elderly, and the disabled.

Occupy National Gathering 2014 -- We Gather Again!

For the third year, the Occupy movement invites all to gather together to review the year, share knowledge and skills, celebrate successes and analyze disappointments, and prepare for another year of fighting for the better world that we all know is possible. We are going back to our roots; we know that the world is watching: This Occupation Is Not Leaving! Come join us!

Peace Corps, Bin Laden, JFK, Sarge... chasing hearts & minds?

JFK pushed to send Peace Corps more than Marine Corps. Instead, a wartime mentality won the day. Again, in 2014 there is a little push to expand the Peace Corps. Isn't it time to make the Peace Corps and other do-good organizations REALLY BIG? Isn't it time we and others build National Service programs that address longstanding human needs, peacefully eradicate the causes of terrorism, and reverse global climate change?

"Is the Stock Market Ready to Collapse?"

It doesn't seem to me the breaking point of the stock market is what we have to worry about. I see the problem as being the breaking point of the people.

The Mixed Messages of Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opposed ending bulk collection of telephone records by the NSA in 2013, and in 2014 tells President Obama that no Congressional approval is needed in order to take action in Iraq. Would she have behaved differently if a Republican were President?

US plays decisive role in Israel's attack on Gaza

Of great concern should be the Obama administration's decision to back Israel to the hilt and the US media's silence on the matter. There can be no hope of a peaceful solution ever gaining traction -- or these bouts of blood-letting in Gaza coming to end -- unless Washington is finally unmasked as Israel's abettor-in-chief.

Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, a lesson in manipulation of the truth.

A look at safety issues being ignored at the Kyushu Nuclear plant that has recently been given the go-ahead to restart. We look at the impacts on the local community and how the pro-nuclear lobby manipulates the population into supporting it. And some disturbing information concerning fish dying for the last five years connected to the nuclear plant.

'Homophobia is a choice, not homosexuality': Inter-faith message
homophobia is a choice, not homosexuality; and religious scriptures teach us to be compassionate, non-judgmental and accept everyone else in totality without prejudice.

Veteran Dies Like A Dog In VA Parking Lot; Family Charges Cover-up

Normalizing Militarized Culture

With our mounting economic and environmental crisis the answer from the ruling oligarchy is more militarization. The photo of Rick Perry is illustrative of that fact. Everything in America is stage managed - an endless public relations campaign -- Disney style. We are being led by this PR campaign to support a particular direction and it ain't for our benefit.

'Do not be a statistic, but own the information that shapes programmes'
We cannot wait till the research and development of a product gets over and then begin figuring out how to roll it out to communities in need. Female condoms are perhaps another example in this context. Female condoms were approved by US FDA in 1993 but we are yet to see the expected optimal public-health outcome as its availability, accessibility and affordability is severely limited.


Best News Links from the Web

Gunshots fired at Al Jazeera bureau in Gaza

The day after the Israeli foreign minister spoke of shutting down the Al Jazeera network, shots have been fired at the network's offices in Gaza, leading them to be evacuated. For its coverage of Operation Protective Edge, Al Jazeera has been condemned by the Israeli elite for broadcasting "anti-Israel incitement" and even encouraging terrorism. The network protests that its journalists are merely conveying the truth.

Putin Signs Law Criminalizing Protest

On 22nd July, Putin reinforced the already harsh legislation against protest in Russia. Holding a political rally is now considered a criminal offence - a dangerous precedent indeed, and one that contravenes international human rights legislation. This latest step furthers earlier changes that were made in April, giving the euphemistic charge of "disruptions to public order" a minimum jail sentence of four years. Many activists have been imprisoned on this basis - now the situation has deteriorated further, the future looks bleak for political activism, and free speech, in Russia.

Dog jealousy: Study suggests primordial origins for the 'green-eyed monster' -- ScienceDaily

Dogs exhibit jealous behaviors. The first experimental test of jealousy in dogs supports the view that there may be a more basic form of jealousy, which evolved to protect social bonds from interlopers. [Note: I never thought too much about humans being motivated by jealousy, until I experienced it on a professional level. I have also seen it quite clearly in dogs, even recently when we "dog sat" a friend's dog. Dog owners will likely be more amused than surprised.]

New approach in search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Target alien polluters -- ScienceDaily

Humanity is on the threshold of being able to detect signs of alien life on other worlds. By studying exoplanet atmospheres, we can look for gases like oxygen and methane that only coexist if replenished by life. But those gases come from simple life forms like microbes. What about advanced civilizations? Would they leave any detectable signs? They might, if they spew industrial pollution into the atmosphere.

Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither "concrete facts" nor "irrefutable evidence" to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept. Over the years, the Obama and Bush Administrations have fiercely resisted disclosing the criteria for placing names on the databases--though the guidelines are officially labeled as unclassified. In May, Attorney General Eric Holder even invoked the state secrets privilege to prevent watchlisting guidelines from being disclosed in litigation launched by an American who was on the no fly list.

Palestinian Family Finds Missing Son in YouTube Video of His Shooting -

After two days of searching for a son they lost contact with during a rushed evacuation from their home in Gaza City, one Palestinian family was surprised to hear the young man's voice, calling out for a missing cousin, in video posted on YouTube on Monday by human rights activists. A sister and a cousin of the missing 23-year-old, Salem Khaleel Shamaly, were horrified to see video of him lying on the ground in the ruined neighborhood they had fled, Shejaiya, wounded by an unseen sniper, according to activists from the Palestinian-led International Solidarity Movement who witnessed the incident and released the footage. As the man tried to get to his feet, two more shots rang out, and he stopped moving.

An Idiot's Guide to Inequality
The rush to purchase Piketty's book suggested that Americans must have wanted to understand inequality. The apparent rush to put it down suggests that, well, we're human. So let me satisfy this demand with my own "Idiot's Guide to Inequality." Here are five points...

FAA announces that U.S. flights to and from Tel Aviv can resume

The Federal Aviation Administration announced late Wednesday night that U.S. carriers were allowed to resume flights to and from Tel Aviv. This came nearly 36 hours after the agency had first banned U.S. airlines from traveling to and from Ben Gurion International Airport, halting service after a rocket landed about a mile away from Israel's largest airport. The rule change allowing flights to resume went into effect as of 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Gaza bloodshed deepens as airlines shun Israel

Adding to the pressure on Israel, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said there was "a strong possibility" that it was committing war crimes in Gaza, where 692 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in the fighting. She also condemned indiscriminate Islamist rocket fire out of Gaza and the United Nations Human Rights Council said it would launch an international inquiry into alleged violations. Israel denied any wrongdoing. "Get lost," Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said on her Facebook page in response to the investigation.

U.S. Senate sets $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome in emergency bill

U.S. Senate Democrats included $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome rocket interception system in an emergency funding bill on Tuesday that also cut $1 billion from President Barack Obama's request for $3.7 billion to deal with thousands of undocumented child immigrants. "Israel is an essential American ally and needs these assets to defend itself," said Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski, chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, in a statement.

Arizona inmate dies 2 hours after execution began

A condemned Arizona inmate gasped and snorted for more than an hour and a half during his execution Wednesday before he died in an episode sure to add to the scrutiny surrounding the death penalty in the U.S.Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's office said Joseph Rudolph Wood was pronounced dead at 3:49 p.m., one hour and 57 minutes after the execution started.

US: No link to Russian government in plane downing

Senior U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday that Russia was responsible for "creating the conditions" that led to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but they offered no evidence of direct Russian government involvement. The intelligence officials were cautious in their assessment, noting that while the Russians have been arming separatists in eastern Ukraine, the U.S. had no direct evidence that the missile used to shoot down the passenger jet came from Russia.

TTIP: It's Not About Trade - Your Opinion - Atlantic Community

With TTIP, not all is as it seems. Officials from the EU and US would have citizens believe the promotion of trade is the impetus behind free trade negotiations. But slashing already-low tariffs is hardly worth the effort. Instead, the real goal is the implementation of a new regulatory structure. The result: an international policing mechanism unlikely to have been approved via the normal political processes in each country. This is bad news for Europe and the U.S.

Who are Hunter Biden's Ukrainian bosses?

What is Hunter Biden, son of VP Joe Biden, doing on the board of a major Ukrainian gas company? Who are his bosses? The German news service, DW, asks and partially answers these questions. The ruling elite is so arrogant, they do things like this without even trying to hide it. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, "We can't get no respect!"

MH17: Ukrainian fighter jet 'near' plane before crash; Russian TV blames CIA Read more:

Moscow: Russia claims its flight records show a Ukrainian fighter jet was flying close to the Malaysian passenger plane just before it crashed and that Kiev was operating radar stations used for missile systems. Separately, a Russian television program has accused the US Central Intelligence Agency of being behind the downing of flight MH17.

Videos - Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Big Banks Spend $1 Million a Day to Fight Financial Reform
Jump to 15:00 to see Sen. Elizabeth Warren's inspiring speech to Netroots Nation. Financial reform is the crucial issue if another crisis is to be avoided. The big banks, who are already too big to fail, spend $1 Million a Day to Fight Financial Reform



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