Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fwd: Action against internet takeover; Abolish the NSA; Stein in South Dakota; Labor's Strategic Impasse

Green Shadow Cabinet

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Internet For The Wealthy On The Way Unless We Stop It

Take Action Today: Immediate mobilization required to save open Internet

In what the New York Times describes as "a net neutrality turnaround" the Obama administration's new FCC chairman is proposing rules that will create an Internet for the wealthy.

Can we abolish the NSA?

What has the massive security state infrastructure achieved? The curtailment of free speech and the end of privacy aside, recent reviews revealed that the NSA can not demonstrate any clear security benefit to the people of the United States.

"There is not a single instance of actual potential terrorism that 10 years of warrantless mass secret surveillance has ever actually stopped." - Shahid Buttar.

GSC President & Members Call for Clean Up of Unseen Toxic National Disaster: Launch campaign to clean up America's secret Fukushima


Red Shirt Village, South Dakota – Green Shadow Cabinet President, Dr. Jill Stein, Shadow Attorney General Kevin Zeese and Shadow Secretary of Health Dr. Margaret Flowers joined with local community, Indigenous, veterans and environmental groups to launch the Clean Up the Mines Campaign.


Follow all the Earth Day 2 May Day events at the Global Climate Convergence.

Social Justice Unionism Seeks to Build Labor and Student Movements

Earlier this month at the Labor Notes Conference, rank and file labor leaders announced for the first time the creation of the Network for Social Justice Unionism (NSJU), a new infrastructure that unionists concerned with advancing social justice beyond the workplace hope to use to organize for a shift in the way the labor movement operates.

Union Labor's Strategic Impasse: An Interview with Labor Oral-Historian, Staughton Lynd

Green Shadow Cabinet Federal Reserve Chair, Dr. Jack Rasmus, interviews long time oral histories labor historian, Staughton Lynd, asking the question: 'Are US Unions At a Strategic Impasse'?



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Monday, April 28, 2014

Fwd: David Pakman Show: "Republicans Won't Like Jeb Bush Pushing Amnesty for 2016" and more videos

David Pakman Show: "Republicans Won't Like Jeb Bush Pushing Amnesty for 2016" and more videos

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Republicans Won't Like Jeb Bush Pushing Amnesty for 2016
10 hours ago  •  1,102 views
David Pakman Show
  + 12 more  
The David Pakman Show 2014-04-24 Guns everywhere, fracking
13 videos
David Pakman Show
Farewell to Arms - Donald Novis & Anson Weeks' Orchestra., 1932
8 hours ago  •  57 views
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Sub Focus talks sleepless hallucinations & Bloc Party collabs (at F...
2 days ago  •  555 views
  + 1 more  
World's Easiest Job - #worldseasiestjob
3 days ago  •  3,432 views
The Second City Network
Festival del Bacio #cuoredinapoli - Ralph
2 days ago  •  99 views
Mediaintegrati - NTA
  + 3 more  
Justin Bieber visits Yasukuni Shrine, angers all of China
14 hours ago  •  917 views
Taiwanese Animators
  + 6 more  
John Turturro Is Just a 'Gigolo'
3 days ago  •  107 views
The Daily Beast
  + 1 more  
French-Tunisian Imam Chalghoumi Organizes Interfaith Gathering at D...
1 day ago  •  739 views
  + 1 more  
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fwd: Inspiration and an upgraded iPhone App!

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Hello Rebels!

We've just released an update to our iOS app that includes push notifications to let you know when people interact with your content, Twitter Custom Timeline support and more. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Rebel of the Week

Samsung was our Rebel of the Week! Catch up on all the action from Coachella with their RebelMouse-powered

Get Inspired

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New Help Center

Have a question about how to use your RebelMouse? Check out the new RebelMouse Help Center for tips, tricks and FAQs. We've also added a community forum for product suggestions and feedback.

Beyond Buzzwords

A Look at Content Marketing Today, by RebelMouse President David Spitz

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Help Keep the Ellis Island Records Free?

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Help preserve The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for future generations.
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The Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island   Foundation, Inc.
Dear Terry,
I need a minute of your time. In order to continue to provide free access to our valuable archive of immigration records - including your own ancestors' - we need your help. And here's why:

For thirteen years these historic records have been available at no cost for you and your family to explore. But our website and content are expensive to maintain, operate day-to-day and continually improve. We need your support to continue this vital work.

Won't you please consider making a gift of $50, $75 or more?

Since we're a non-profit and not supported by government funds, your tax-deductible contribution is critical to making sure access to these immigration
records remains free for all Americans. As you know, family heritage is the precious gift we pass on to our children and grandchildren, so please be generous.

Can we count on your support of $50, $75 or more to help us keep the Ellis Island records FREE? Whether you use our website regularly, or just once in a while, please play your part. Any contribution is welcome and every one will help.


Lee A. Iacocca
Founding Chairman

P.S. With a gift of $75 or more you will receive our custom watercolor Ellis Island notecards by renowned historic preservation artist Carol Wallace, with our thanks.
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
17 Battery Place, Ste. 210, New York, NY 10004-3507

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