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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our future is riding on public transportation.

Mother Jones

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Dear Friend,

Whether you use it or not, public transportation benefits everyone. Affordable, reliable public transportation helps:

  • Connect people to jobs, education, and other community services
  • Reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Create local jobs and strengthen our overall economy

America's future depends on expanding our public transit infrastructure, and that will take investment and commitment from our elected officials.

Show your support by joining Voices for Public Transit.

With America's population expected to exceed 400 million over the next few decades, we need continued investment in America's public transit infrastructure to help ensure we're prepared to meet the demands of a growing population—and to protect our environment.

We can make public transportation a national priority with government policies that help improve our existing public transportation infrastructure, bring public transit to new areas, and enable us to make better use of newer, more efficient technologies.

If you agree, join Voices for Public Transit today! You can help us educate our lawmakers on the importance of policies that encourage investment in public transit.

By reducing pollution, easing traffic congestion, and supporting local jobs, public transportation helps our communities thrive and our economy grow.

Join Voices for Public Transit to join the debate over America's public transportation.

Together, we can strengthen and secure the future of America's public transportation.


Voices for Public Transit

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