Saturday, December 28, 2013


When I was a little girl this friend of my grandfather's gave me a broken piece of scrimshaw. I could only see part of a drawing and I kept it in a treasure box for years. I was in maybe seventh grade when my teacher talked about scrimshaw and how it was obtained. I threw that small piece off the Norwell Bridge into the North River on the Marshfield, Massachusetts side. Even more years after that I gathered names on countless petitions to save whales. We don't think about what we're looking at. We didn't see the whole picture, people made their livelihood by the creatures of this earth. We can't take everything and say this is mine and this is mine and this is mine. We can't do that for generations and expect to have these creatures which make up the working mechanism of out planet still amongst us. For generations and generations people have been making their living in one particular way and now they have to change and I believe that we need to support them. I for one can't buy anything right now. 
I can tell somebody that this art is still available and so can you.
Alaska Dispatch

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