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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This home page, which I've tried to link to all of our activity, will carry on as my personal mouthpiece, as will the limited contributor blogs TQ YAYAS and TQ POP for the time being..  I'm amenable to offering the other seven pages for others to submit content.
To offer content to TQ ARTS send print-ready putative posting to
To post your opinion to TQ OPS or a photo or image to TQ PIX, send to
Historical content that fits in either TQ RETRO or TQ DOCS send to
Push the envelope on TQ RED or TQ SCAT via
Thanks to everyone who's helped us get 1,123,142 hits as of Monday night at 10.
Questions?  Send them to any of the above addresses. I try to check them all daily.
Our Facebook Page TQ PIX would like to be liked, and although we have an unusual  pattern of twitter following, I'm aware of what my followers are up to even when I'm not technically following them. Every blog post is promoted via both Twitter and Facebook. 
We'll (I'll) be waiting to hear from you with any ideas you might have on growing this franchise.
TQ (Terry A. Travers)

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