Saturday, August 10, 2013

FW: How to Fry a Planet | Your Week in Review


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  'Eminent Domain for the People' Leaves Wall Street Furious
by Sarah Lazare
"Using the authority of state government to actually help people has Wall Street bankers in a panic, spurring threats of aggressive legal retaliation against the town of Richmond, California simply for trying to help some of its struggling homeowners."
  How to Fry a Planet
by Michael T. Klare
"The Third Carbon Age: Don't for a Second Imagine We're Heading for an Era of Renewable Energy."
  Obama: Snowden 'Triggered More Rapid' NSA Dialogue for Nation
by Lauren McCauley
"Obama subvertly gave due credit to NSA whistleblower Snowden during a press conference Friday when he announced a series of transparency reforms long called for by Snowden and critics of the US sweeping surveillance program."
  Who's Afraid of Zinn's Radical History?
by Sonia Murrow and Robert Cohen
"Gov. Mitch Daniels's covert war on A People's History of the United States."
  Protesters in Chicago Take on ALEC's 'Forty Years of Corporate Greed'
by Jon Queally
"Activists rally against 40 years of 'legislative-corporate collusion' as a new report documents ALEC's assault on democracy and progress."
  10 Ways to Reduce the Threat of Terrorist Attacks on Americans
by Medea Benjamin
"This 10-point plan would significantly reduce terrorist threats, save taxpayers billions of dollars and make Americans more loved and admired in the world."
  Thousands in Asheville Declare: 'This is a Movement'
by Lauren McCauley
"'If all we do is despair—and even all we do is rally—we will not have met the challenge before us today,'Julie Mayfield, co-director at WNC Alliance, told the crowd. 'Everyone has a role.'"
  Obama's Abuse of the Espionage Act is Modern-Day McCarthyism
by John Kiriakou
"Shame on this president for persecuting whistleblowers with a legal relic, while administration officials leak with impunity"
  Wisconsin Activists Rebuke Gov. Walker's Crackown on Dissent
by Andrea Germanos
"'It's time people take back their capitols,' says one Solidarity Sing Along protester."
  The Anti-Abortion Agenda Explained (Here's a Hint: It's Not About Women's Safety)
by Alicia Gay
"Though fight in the courts we must, we cannot rely on the courts alone to protect a woman's ability to obtain abortion and other reproductive health services like birth control."

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