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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feds Let 'Whitey' Get Away With Murder

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The Feds Let 'Whitey' Get Away With Murder
Mike Barnicle on the FBI agents and other officials who dropped the ball during the decades Whitey Bulger was allowed to roam free
'Stop and Frisk' in NYC: Violated Rights Lead to Federal Intervention
The crime-fighting tactic was dealt a blow, but supporters hope the oversight will lead to greater police respect and efficiency
Cory Booker Is a Shoe-in to the Senate, But Why He'd Run Is the Mystery
His heroic deeds and prolific tweets are more suited for a big city that's not Washington.
If It's Tuesday, Best Buy Must Be Firing People
Mid-week layoffs help the struggling superstore contain its image in the media — and it may prevent disgruntled former employees
Switzerland's Racism Problem Extends Beyond Oprah
The nation's racial profiling and discrimination have become increasingly rampant
Elon Musk Finally Reveals the 'Hyperloop'
5 things to know about the billion-dollar idea could shuttle passengers from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes
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How Presidents Take Vacation
From golfing to fishing, presidents are just like us
25 Great Android Tablet Apps
The perfect way to break in your new Nexus 7
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