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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Voices of Dissent via @CommonDreams

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News & Views | 07.15.13
Chris Hedges: Locking Out the Voices of Dissent
'Ready to Pay the Price?' Anti-Nuke Message Delivered to World's Most Nuclear-Dependent Nation
Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Israel Beats Drum Louder: 'Won't Wait Until It's Too Late' to Attack Iran
China's People Power Foils Nuclear Plans
Opposing Forces Agree: US Should Cease 'Meddling' in Egyptian Affairs
and more...
Greenwald: Snowden Has NSA 'Blueprint'
Tar Sands Healing Walk 2013 - Protecting the Sacred One Step at a Time
Alfred W. McCoy: Surveillance Blowback: The Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020
Greg Kaufmann: Confronting Congressional Hunger Games
Richard Eskow: It's College Students vs. the Corporate Machine – and the Machine's Winning
Heidi Moore: By Prosecuting Fabrice Tourre but Not Goldman Sachs, the SEC Courts Failure
Sam Pizzigati: Why Do Americans Live Lives So Short?
Nadine Bloch: Toshi the Organizer
NOW Calls for Justice for Trayvon Martin
OUR Walmart and UFCW: Walmart Associates Call for Walmart Director Marissa Mayer to End Her Silence
PEER: Exxon Valdez Recovery Remains Stuck in Limbo
and more...

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