Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News & Views | Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn't Enough

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News & Views | 07.10.13
Norman Solomon: Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn't Enough—We Need the Power to Stop It
Rebuking Political Establishment, Americans Say Snowden Is a Whistleblower, Not a Traitor
"Stasi-Like": Obama's Program to Thwart Unwanted Leaks Not Only Creepy, It Won't Work
Wal-Mart to DC: We'll Skip Town Before We Pay a Living Wage
Privatization's the Name of the Game for Accident-Prone Train Company Behind Lac-Mégantic Oil Disaster
'Historic' Drone Landing Paves Way for 'Killer Robots' Anytime, Anywhere
'Daylight Robbery': UK Announces Privatization of State-Run Mail Service
and more...
'Two American Families': Is There Hope for The Middle Class?
Oliver Stone: 'Our Civil Liberties Are Being Eaten by the NSA Surveillance Machine'
Glenn Greenwald: The Journalistic Practices of the Washington Post and Walter Pincus
Andrea Teti and Gennaro Gervasio: The Army's Coup in Egypt: For the People or Against the People?
Katrina vanden Heuvel: An Oregon Trail to End Student Debt
Peter Hart: Washington Post's WikiLeaks/Snowden/Greenwald Conspiracy Theory
Rory Carroll: XMission: The US Internet Provider That Actually Defends the Fourth Amendment
Michelle Chen: Disaster Unpreparedness: Wildfire Tragedy Sheds Light on Dangerous Budget Gaps
Food Democracy Now: Grocery Manufacturers Association Holds 'Monsanto Ball' to Determine Fate of GMO Labeling in America
US PIRG: US/EU Trade Negotiations Must Protect Consumers
ACLU: Historic, Bipartisan Vote Sends Employment Non-Discrimination Act to the Senate Floor
and more...

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