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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blessed Are the Rich (for they shall be called "boss."

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News & Views | 07.24.13
Jim Hightower: Blessed Are the Rich
Arctic Methane "Burp": A Climate Catastrophe with $60 Trillion Pricetag
Low Wage Workers Rally in National Call to #RaisetheWage
'Stop the Attack' say Detroit Workers as City's Bankruptcy Reviewed
Evidence Mounts Agent Provocateurs Used by Brazilian Police
Report: Progress, But Snowden Not Leaving Airport Just Yet
and more...
'The Time Has Come for a Global Power Shift'
Big Banks Making a Buck off Commodity Price Manipulation
Alexander Abdo: The Amash Amendment: A Vital Shield from Unwarranted NSA Surveillance
Mary Bottari: The 'Other NRA,' the National Restaurant Association, Pushes Preemption of Paid Sick Days
Geoffrey Robertson: Edward Snowden's Fear of Flying Is Justified
Ruth Conniff: The Rightwing Attack on Public Employee Pensions
Ralph Nader: Don't You Think It's Time for a Raise?
Kristin Wartman: The FDA: Working Hard to Protect Industry
Reprieve: Guantanamo Detainee Family Members Tell Senate of 'Suffering' and 'Anguish'
Amnesty International: Russian Court Leaves Pussy Riot Singer Behind Bars
Center for Biological Diversity: California's Drift Gillnet Fishery Too Deadly for Endangered Sperm Whales
and more...

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