Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FBI Wanted Edward Snowden's Father to Get Him in Moscow


A new wave of strikes is sweeping fast food chains around the country. This is the perfect chance to stop McDonald's from making workers pay to access their own money.
Are you ready to join the tens of thousands of members who have called on McDonald's to stop pushing exploitative pay cards?
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Something amazing is happening this week. Low wage fast food and retail workers are staging their biggest strikes yet, with hundreds of workers walking off the job in seven cities across the country.
The strikers have a long list of grievances, not the least of which are poverty wages that force them to choose between eating three meals a day or paying rent. But low wage workers are also sick of the dirty tricks their bosses use to skim money from their already meager paychecks, like pre-paid debit cards that force people to pay to access money they've already earned.
Ever since news of the fee-laden debit cards broke McDonald's has been on the defensive. Now, with strikes spreading all over the country this week, McDonald's executives are paying close attention to how customers and potential customers are reacting to the workers' concerns, to see if they have to act now, or if they can keep stonewalling. Let's make sure management knows that now is the time to stop making workers pay to access the money they earned.
More than 80,000 members have called on McDonald's to end this abusive practice. Can you take a moment to add your voice to this campaign?
Click here to add your name to our petition to McDonald's.
The energy from these strikes is spreading quickly. Workers who hadn't planned on participating suddenly decided to join their coworkers when they walked out. Replacement workers brought in to re-open stores the strikers shut down have been refusing to cross picket lines. The restaurant industry is so scared that one of its trade associations took out a full-page ad in USA Today to try and convince the public that massively profitable fast food chains can't possibly pay higher wages.
With the fast food industry on the defensive, this is the perfect moment to convince McDonald's to end particularly egregious abuses. And if we can score a victory on debit cards, it ought to be a huge morale boost to the workers who are organizing to change the fast food and retail industries.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign on to our petition.
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Rob and the team at

More information:
Fast Food Strikes Intensify in 7 Cities. Salon, July 29
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