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Monday, January 14, 2013

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Monday, January 14, 2013

One Year In

Joe Petty called for a brief recess and rose from his chairman's seat inside council chambers. Walking purposefully into the City Hall office he holds as mayor, he was followed by several city councilors. City Manager Mike O'Brien followed, after first being cooled off a bit by his chief financial officer. The door shut and stayed closed for the next several minutes. Moments before, O'Brien and Councilor Joe O'Brien were butting heads over a report the city manager had filed on net school spending.

Questions raised over Willis Center closing, contracts dispersed

One longtime employee of the Willis Center, which is closing Feb. 6 after four state agencies abruptly pulled their contracts late last year, is "looking forward to fi nding out what happened here." The employee is not alone, but at least for the time being any specifics surrounding the defunding of the area's largest minority-based human-services providers are being kept hush-hush. Publicly, state officials say the contracts were terminated because of "serious" concerns with financial management and client care issues.

Author, legally blind, sees her way to book of Worcester's firsts

Did you know that the first Armenian Church in the country started in Worcester? That the first female known to have impersonated a man was a Worcester woman who wanted to join the Continental Army? Or that Pearl Street was the site of the first candlepin bowling establishment? How about this: There is a "JAWS" tie to Worcester. Author Peter Benchley's grandfather, Robert, was born right here in 1889.

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