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Sunday, September 9, 2012

FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS (right to the end)

Friends Will Be Friends by Queen on Grooveshark Happy to have reconnected today with an old friend, master story-teller and historical reference source. A feature in today's Worcester Telegram about a fire in Worcester in the 1950's reminded me that his wife, who came from that city, was an eye and ear witness to the peripheral buzz around a fire that took the lives of a number of horses. Not a common event in a central city that late in the 20th Century. 
Mike's pictured here, in a previous life (chapter?), with some of his 1/4-mile Enduro racing trophies. Renaissance Man and long time genuinely good person Mike, who we'll dub MQ for our Blog Followers, and Deb, who we'll have to dub DQ2 since there's already a DQ on board, were sorely missed and gladly welcomed. We hope to be able to get a narrative from Deb about what she remembers of that fire so we can scoop that New York Times owned Telegram & Gazette...a former employer (full disclosure).

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