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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Terry -- we just got a new PPP poll showing Democrats up by 4 points in the race for Congress, 48% to 44%.

If we can keep this momentum going, we can replace Boehner and Cantor's Tea Party majority with a Democratic House for President Obama.

Now, we have to close the spending gap.

This week, the Republicans launched a $6.3 million dollar ad campaign against our candidates in 26 of the tightest races across the country. We've come too far to let these dishonest ads cost us the election.

Donate $3 or more to help us immediately fight back against these Republican attacks and elect a Democratic majority for President Obama >>

We're getting calls from campaigns that are being outspent by nearly 2-to-1 in races we have to win. When the polls close on November 6th, wee don't want to have that sinking feeling that we didn't do everything we could to close the spending gap when it mattered.

Please chip in what you can to help us fight back:

Democrats 2012


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