Friday, May 18, 2012

TIME's Breastfeeding Cover | GOP Version of VAWA a Disappointment | 5 Plastic Surgeries Men Get


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Time's Breastfeeding Cover is Pure Shock Value, No Substance

Rather than challenging taboos, Time's shock tactics exploit society's existing shame and confusion about sex and maternity. READ MORE

Victoria Bekiempis / Comment Is Free

GOP Version of Violence Against Women Act Tries to Push Women Back Into the Home

By raising barriers to economic assistance and legal recourse, the legislation sends the message to countless women living in violent households that their place is still at home. READ MORE

Michelle Chen / In These Times

Laura Jane Grace playing with her band Against ME! in 2011.

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace: How "Rolling Stone" Got Her Story (Almost) Right

Amidst the punk icon's celebrity gender transition, a trans woman entertains the hope that change is coming READ MORE

Kate Forbes / AlterNet

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Top 5 Plastic Surgeries Men Get: The Pressure to be Physically Perfection Now for Men, Too

Men's obsession with looking younger, hotter and better-kept has spawned a series of industries seeking to profit off that attitude shift. READ MORE

By Craig Morgan / Rebel Magazine


How the Christian Right's Homophobia Scares Away Religious Young People

The Christian right is increasingly out of step with how Americans feel about gay rights. This issue might be the one that destroys them in the end. READ MORE

By Amanda Marcotte / AlterNet


Forget Flowers This Mother's Day: 11 Ways to REALLY Help Mothers

Recent battles against reproductive rights and unions, and the gender wage gap, make it clear that this country doesn't support mothers. READ MORE

By Lauren Kelley / AlterNet

GOP Rep on Coathanger Abortions: "You Have to Start Somewhere"
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


How Media Coverage of Fake Breasts Overlooks the Women and Reasons Attached to Them
By Debbie Notkin and Laurie | Feministe


How The Pushback on the "War on Women" Gave Feminism a Better Image
By Digby | Hullabaloo


Rachel Maddow to GOP Homophobes Now Claiming Tolerance: "That is Absolute Bull"
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


When Feminists Face Domestic Abuse
By Lila | Feministe


Male AZ Rep. Pushes 20-Week Abortion Ban in D.C., But Won't Let Female D.C. Rep. Speak at Hearing
By Robin Marty | RH Reality Check

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