Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in the shadowland you stalk my dreams –...

in the shadowland

you stalk my dreams –
an incubus in nothing but a loincloth –
laughing softly as you chase me
down unfamiliar paths
until, finally,
you capture me, holding me
by my wrists.

i'm frightened but i don't want to flee.
i want to know what you're after,
why you're always there.
even when i can't see you
i sense your presence,
your eyes trained on my every move.
what do you seek?

you cannot think i conceal a thing,
naked as i am to your night vision,
your scrutiny, your damnable knowingness.
even as you pull me closer
you release me, standing defenseless
in the beam of your laser
that cuts through all my pitiful pretensions.

will you ever tell me what and why,
or must i flounder in my suppositions,
always wondering, wondering…?
if you will not speak, i cannot.
i dare not ask what i long to know,
and you stand stockstill,
so far from telling.

©2011 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
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