Monday, August 19, 2019

Keep History Alive — Support The Forward's Archive

Dear Reader,

The Forward archive, home to 40,000 historical images spanning more than a century, is a sacred portal to the past.

It secures our cultural legacy and holds the power to create a deeper understanding of our history, which will in turn shape our future. Follow Forward archivist Chana Pollack as she gives a glimpse into some of the archival treasures.

The archive has been an invaluable resource for our award-winning journalism and enriches new audiences, as it has been featured in multiple community projects. Early this year, composer Julia Wolfe partnered with the New York Philharmonic to create a dynamic retelling of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, and reached out to the Forward for archival materials to enhance the production and a complementary exhibit. And coming up, we’re excitedly preparing some of our most alluring vintage photographic press plates for an upcoming exhibition in collaboration with the Bowne Print Shop at the Seaport Museum and the Museum at Eldridge Street. 

Keep history alive. You can play a critical role in the preservation of this precious historic and cultural asset. Your support will help us catalogue, digitize and sustain this collection. Please donate to the archives today.


Rachel Fishman Feddersen
CEO & Publisher

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