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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Death Issue from YES!

Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

Plus: Black funerals, how the women of Standing Rock are building sovereign economies, and a people's history of board games.
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August 23, 2019


Sarah Chavez

"A little more than a century ago we died at home," writes death-positive advocate Sarah Chavez in our new Fall Issue. "Our bodies were lovingly washed and dressed for burial by our kin. Funerals were individual- and community-centered—and women were typically at the helm of the process." So how did we get to embalming bodies with toxic chemicals and sealing them in concrete vaults, to funerals costing upward of $8,000? Like health and medicine, death became a profitable industry, one largely controlled by opportunistic white men. But, thankfully, the story doesn't end there. Read Sarah's brilliant article to meet a new generation of women who are bringing back The Good Death.
Lauren Bohn,
editorial director
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"For me, she's Beyoncรฉ." Writer adrienne maree brown shares her love for the visionary author Ursula K. Le Guin. 

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