Saturday, May 11, 2019

Fwd: A New Frontier for Workers’ Rights

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A woman holding a microphone with her fist in the air

Although their ranks are increasing, millions of domestic workers throughout the world remain vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. In many countries, in fact, domestic workers—80 percent of whom are women—cannot rely on the same rights and legal protections that other workers enjoy already. But thanks to a growing and global movement, domestic workers are organizing, unionizing, and joining together through international groups such as the International Domestic Workers Federation. And while there is still much left to be done, the power and dignity of domestic workers can no longer be dismissed.


Asia Pacific

The Complicated Legacy of Indonesia's Elections

People dressed as superheroes behind stacks of ballots
Voter turnout for Indonesia's 2019 general elections was higher than ever. But so was the use of rhetoric dividing voters along lines of ethnicity and religion. Can the country avoid the "illiberal democracy" trap?

United States

Reframing the Blame for the War on Drugs

Three people in a mobile clinic
The war on drugs is better understood as a war on people. To stop this useless and unjust destruction, we must change how we think—and talk—about people who use drugs.


What It's Like to Live in Gender-Neutral Housing

Two boys standing by washing machines
In this week's Open Society Instagram takeover, we visit with students at one of Ohio University's trailblazing gender-neutral dorms.

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