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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Re: Your payment information needs to be updated

That's probably because there weren't sufficient funds, but thank God there weren't because otherwise I'd be in BIG TROUBLE. 
I must have neglected to send you a service denial beyond February 10. 
My error it seems. 
So...let this be your notice that I am DONE with full access.
Please send me a reply to that effect.
I think the next time I tag onto one of these automatic roll-overs I'll be sure to put a termination order in place on the day I order.
I knew that February 10 date was coming up, but somehow thought I had sent an e-mail requesting those terms.
ANYWAY...now I'm going to go and send e-mails to every other account I have set up this way and either get a fixed termination date or delete the account on the spot.
I understand that you guys find it much more convenient to leave the matter of roll-over to the customer, but THIS customer is on fixed SS income and a charge like that $289 could have overdrawn my account, causing fees and penalties, and probably causing other checks to bounce, causing EVEN MORE fees and penalties.
Terry A. Travers

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From: Ancestry <ancestry@email.ancestry.com>
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Subject: Your payment information needs to be updated
Update your information now to avoid losing access to Ancestry.
Hi terry allyn,

A recent attempt to collect payment for your subscription failed. You probably just need to update your credit card information. Let's get that fixed, shall we?

Update your info

P.S. We'll attempt to collect the amount owed again in a few days, so don't be surprised if you see a charge for the amount owed.

You can also call 800‑401‑1789 between 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET daily to get help updating your payment information.
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