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Friday, July 20, 2018

fwd: Elizabeth Warren's message


Hey Folks --

This has been an AMAZING week for us.

Senator Elizabeth Warren threw her support behind the National Democratic Training Committee!

I wanted to make sure you had a chance to read her note. So I’ve attached it below!

Thanks for all you do,


Kelly Dietrich
Founder, National Democratic Training Committee

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elizabeth Warren
Subject: my personal request

Friends --
Donald Trump represents a crisis for our democracy.
Whether it’s cutting vital services like Medicare and Medicaid or cruelly separating children from their family at the border, his presidency is an attack on our values and a stain on our history.
I’m fighting against his agenda every day. But I can’t take on Donald Trump alone. If Democrats can’t take back Congress and launch a new generation of leaders, the next two years could be even darker and more dangerous than the last two have been.
That’s why I’m so glad the National Democratic Training Committee is training the next generation of leaders to stand by my side.
By providing trainings at no cost to Democrats standing up to run for office and oppose the Trump agenda, they’re laying the foundation for a new era of leadership in Washington. But they can’t do it without grassroots support from people like you and me.
So please friends, I’m asking: Will you chip in $5 to support the National Democratic Training Committee?
$5 >>
$35 >>
$50 >>
$100 >>
$250 >>
Other >>
Running for office is hard. I’ll never forget my first campaign. I had no idea where to start. And I never would have gotten off the ground, let alone beaten a Republican incumbent, without a lot of help from people who had been there before.
I sure wish the National Democratic Training Committee had been around back then, because that’s exactly the kind of support they’re providing to thousands of candidates across the country through in-person trainings and interactive online seminars.
When Democrats take back power in Washington, and we’re leading our country back in the right direction, many of the new leaders we’ll be rallying around will be National Democratic Training Committee alums. And in this critical election year, they’re on the front lines in the races that matter most.
But they can’t operate without generous support from activists like you.
So please folks, join me in supporting the National Democratic Training Committee. Use the button below to donate whatever you can afford:
Thanks for your support,
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren
Senator from Massachusetts
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