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Thursday, July 19, 2018

1-Click to Support the Lawsuit (YES!!!)

Gabby Giffords is SUING Trump over his TERRIBLE judges! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Because Gabby Giffords is SUING Trump for his AWFUL judges.
Giffords Sues Trump Administration To Uncover Effort to Pack Federal Courts With Unqualified, NRA Hand-Picked Judges - Democracy Forward
And we are TOTALLY on board!!!
Trump may have worked with the NRA to FILL courts with unqualified, pro-gun, conservative Judges! CORRUPT!
But now we’re scrambling to collect 5,OOO signatures to Stand with the Lawsuit against him!
Can you sign before we print our petition tomorrow?
Sign to Sue Trump >>

Look --
The Trump Administration may be colluding with the NRA to pack the courts with extremist pro-gun judges.
And they REFUSE to reveal the extent of their connections with the NRA.
So Gabby Giffords’ gun reform group is SUING them!!
We deserve to know whether the largest, most corrupt Special Interest group in the country is hand-selecting Trump’s judges.
So we’re rushing 5,OOO signatures to support the lawsuit. If you care about taking down Trump’s judges, add your name now:
Sign to Sue Trump >>
The NRA spends hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to buy Republican politicians who refuse to pass gun reform.
And now, they’re filling judicial seats with judges who will push their pro-gun agenda!
So really, if you want to stand up to the NRA and protect our judiciary, we need you to sign now and stand with the lawsuit.
Making change together,
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