Monday, December 4, 2017

The Republicans' Colossal Act of Cruelty

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The Republicans' colossal act of cruelty

Editorial | The Republicans' tax cut legislation isn't just about making the rich richer--it is coldly calculated to punish the working class and the poor.

Graduate workers fight the GOP tax plan

Report roundup | On more than 50 campuses, graduate students organized walkouts, grade-ins and rallies to protest the GOP tax plan that targets higher education.

Part-time faculty send a message in Chicago

Kristen Kelley | Part-time faculty went on a two-day strike at Columbia College in Chicago--with students and full-time faculty by their side.

One nation under the Bible?

Scott McLemee | The Green family has a specific brand of Christianity that it is trying to push--and it's using a new "museum" in order to do it.

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