Friday, August 11, 2017

Use bookmarks? You're gonna love this

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Subject: If you use bookmarks, you're gonna love this

Introducing Pocket — a better way to bookmark.
Sure, you COULD have a million tabs open or an inbox full of articles you emailed yourself or you could just click Pocket.
Pocket saves web pages for you to read later, without ads. It's like bookmarks, but better. And it's built right into Firefox.

Click that little button in the toolbar any time you find a web page you like: a tasty-looking recipe, a smart op-ed, or instructions on how to build a spaceship out of twine and paper clips. Use Pocket now to save that tab you've had open since the new year.

Once in Pocket, easily access it anywhere without distractions like web banners and auto-play videos. Read, watch, or even listen to articles on your phone when you have a long commute or spotty wifi. Save it now on your laptop and read it later on iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.
Pocket makes the best of the web available wherever and whenever you want—no distractions, no noise. We can't wait for you to try it out.

To a better web,
The Firefox Team

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