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Friday, July 28, 2017


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NATION DAILY: July 27, 2017

Is Trump Desperate Enough to Pardon Himself?

David Cole, plus George Zornick on health care in the Senate and Joshua Holland on happiness in Denmark.

Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener
Donald Trump's Ban on Transgender Troops Is Not a Distraction

It's the point.


Richard Kim

How Are We Going to Survive the Next 42 Months of Trump?

Many progressives are depressed and angry. But there are also glimmers of hope.


Katha Pollitt

This Small Regulation Shows Us How the Economy Could Work for Everybody

We know how to control monopolies, and we've done it before.


Mike Konczal

Britain Is in the Grip of Its Most Turbulent Political Time in More Than 30 Years

Can a strong left rise from the chaos of Brexit, austerity, and the 2017 election?


John Harris

The Borderlands' Human Stain

Photographs that capture the traces of violence that have plagued the US-Mexico border for generations.


John Washington

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