Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why Bernie Sanders Has Risen to the Top | Trump's Awful Pick for Drug Czar | Splitting Up Syria Would Be Imperial Disaster

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - April 12, 2017

Why the Idea of Cracking Syria into Pieces Would Be America's Latest Imperial Disaster

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

The rights and ambitions of the Syrian people are irrelevant to these plots and schemes.  READ MORE»

Why Bernie Sanders Has Risen to the Top

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Sanders has maintained his perch, and launched a national TV show, meanwhile Mitch McConnell is the most unliked Senator. READ MORE»

Trump's Pick for 'Drug Czar' -- A Servant of Big Pharma and Brutal Punisher of Drug Addicts and Poor People in Developing Countries

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Tom Marino reportedly gets the nod. It's not good news for progressive drug policy reform.  READ MORE»

How Fox Retaliated Against a Local Reporter Who Says Roger Ailes Wanted Her to 'Submit to Him Sexually'

By Taylor Link, Salon

An amended complaint points to Bill O'Reilly allegations as proof of a "misogynistic culture" at 21st Century Fox. READ MORE»

Trump's Got a Devious Project Going to Gouge Social Security

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

An attack on the payroll tax. READ MORE»

Reporters, It's Time To Investigate DeVos' Department Of Education

By Pam Vogel, Media Matters

Forget the public gaffes, and follow the corruption.  READ MORE»

Evangelicals Are Leaving Their Churches Over Donald Trump

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

Over one in ten left their church by mid-November and about 15 percent of church-going Americans who think politics has become too divisive left their church as well READ MORE»

Official Involved in Bush-Era Purge of Gay Employees Now in Trump Administration

By Justin Elliott, ProPublica

A government investigation found that Jim Renne was a key player in a scandal in which staff were targeted on the basis of sexual orientation. READ MORE»

If Donald Trump Wants to Get His War on With Syria, Have Him Send His Own Kids First

By D. Watkins, Salon

What if Trump's sons and daughters — and their spouses — were as likely to be deployed as kids in my family are? READ MORE»

How I Found the American Dream Alive and Well in Cuba of All Countries

By Mattea Kramer, TomDispatch

Putting Trump in perspective by going abroad.  READ MORE»

Massive Antarctica Iceberg Hangs by a Thread, Signaling Frightening Possibility of Devastating Sea Level Rise

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

If all of the ice the Larsen C ice shelf holds back slides into the ocean, it will raise sea levels globally by four inches. READ MORE»

It's Not Just Syria - Trump Is Ratcheting up Wars Across the World

By Trevor Timm, The Guardian

From the expansion of official US war zones in Yemen and Somalia to a spike in drone strikes, conflicts are heating up on several fronts. READ MORE»

How Did America's Wealth Inequality Reach This Level of Toxic?

By Thomas M. Shapiro, Basic Books

We are just beginning to understand one further dimension of toxic inequality: a devastating emotional and physiological phenomenon we might call "toxic inequality syndrome." READ MORE»

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