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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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“Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ to the Paris climate agreement” -Washington Post

Trump’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency -- the man tasked with protecting our climate -- just said we should abandon President Obama’s Paris climate agreement.
We CANNOT let that happen.
We have to protect our planet -- and President Obama’s legacy!

SIGN YOUR NAME: Demand Trump and his Republicans protect the Paris climate agreement >>
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President Obama’s Paris climate agreement was one of his greatest achievements -- and a huge victory for our planet.
But now?
Trump’s EPA chief just said we should “exit” the agreement entirely.
It’s infuriating -- and dangerous.
The Paris climate agreement is essential to protecting our climate and slowing the pace of climate change!
But Trump and his Republicans don’t care.
They’re out to destroy the EPA and our planet -- no matter the cost.
Grassroots activists CANNOT let this stand.



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