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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Stand with President Obama [automatic voter registration]


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SIGN ON: Join President Obama and Urge Congress to make voter registration automatic →

President Obama has done more than any other Democrat to increase voter turnout. In 2008 and 2012, he inspired RECORD-BREAKING voter turnout and engaged countless previously disenfranchised voters.

And President Obama hasn’t given up the fight to increase voter participation.

That’s why he’s leading the fight to make voter registration automatic -- so that ALL Americans have the chance to vote.

Let's set the pace... making automatic voter registration the new norm across America. -- President Barack Obama

Sign your name to stand with President Obama to DEMAND Congress make voter registration automatic:

More than 50 million eligible Americans are currently not registered to vote. And 1 in 8 registered voters has outdated or invalid registration information.

And with Trump’s determination to suppress voters in future elections, we’re terrified that EVEN MORE Americans will be blocked from the polls.

All eligible Americans should have the opportunity to vote. So please, join President Obama and sign on to urge Congress to pass automatic voter registration →

Thanks for taking action,

- The Progressive Turnout Project


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