Friday, April 7, 2017

Secret identities revealed at the IFC Center Saturday and Sunday!

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Andy Warhol, Ingmar Bergman, and John Wayne are Canadian!:
Secret identities revealed at the IFC Center Saturday and Sunday!

Ok, that’s stretching it --- but each of them is connected to Canada in one form or another in this weekend’s Canadian films screening at the IFC Center.

Saturday evening, Andy Warhol makes several appearances in Bruce McDonald’s WEIRDOS, a deft coming-of-age drama set in Nova Scotia in 1976. McDonald’s marvelous movie is followed later that night by Kevan Funk’s, HELLO DESTROYER, an intense debut feature about a hockey enforcer whose life takes a dark and dangerous turn. If Ingmar Bergman had directed a film about hockey, this would be it.

Also on Saturday afternoon, don’t miss Nettie Wild’s passionate and poetic documentary, KONELINE: OUR LAND BEAUTIFUL, about the changes afoot -- good and bad -- in the slowly disappearing pristine landscapes of northern British Columbia.

Directors Nettie Wild, Bruce McDonald, and Kevan Funk will attend the screenings of their films.

On Sunday, Montreal wunderkind Xavier Dolan’s IT’S ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD will get its New York premiere. Also on Sunday, rounding out the Canada Now selection is SEARCHERS, by the acclaimed director of THE FAST RUNNER, Zacharias Kunuk. His latest is an Arctic Canadian re-make of the 1956 John Ford classic western, THE SEARCHERS, starring… John Wayne.

Once more with feeling (but quietly, of course, because we’re Canadian): the world needs more Canada. Now.

Check it all out here: IFCENTER.COM
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