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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rachel Maddow cried (re: Mike Pence)

Rachel Maddow:

Vice President Mike Pence is “the most vociferously anti-gay elected official in the country.”


Wow. Rachel Maddow cried while issuing a BLISTERING criticism of Mike Pence:

In Indiana, under Gov. Mike Pence, gay couples faced 18 months in prison for applying to get married. - Rachel Maddow

Mike Pence’s lifelong effort to undermine the rights of the LGBT community has made him one of the most notorious opponents to our Equality movement.

That’s why Rachel Maddow just called him out for his despicable track record on LGBT rights. If you agree with Rachel, let us know right now:

Sign if you agree with Rachel Maddow: Mike Pence is a BIGOT →

From passing Indiana’s horrific anti-LGBT “religious liberty” bill, to leading the charge against Marriage Equality, to supporting electroshock therapy for LGBT children, to igniting a regional HIV epidemic by defunding LGBT-friendly health clinics, Pence has again and again worked to discriminate against and harm the LGBT community.[1]

We REFUSE to settle for his backwards beliefs and agenda. And that’s why Rachel Maddow is calling him out and holding him accountable for his despicable actions.

I agree with Rachel Maddow →

Thanks for standing for Equality,

Equality PAC


[1] NY Mag The Cut | Every One of Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks So Far Opposes LGBT Rights | 11.30.16


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