Tuesday, April 4, 2017

KINO!2017: Vote for THE VERDICT'S ending

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New York gets chance to vote – not at a polling station, but in the Sunshine Cinema where one of Germany’s most successful TV dramas THE VERDICT is shown on Tue April 4. After the courtroom drama has played out, the audience – you! – get to vote for a guilty/not-guilty verdict – while actress Martina Gedeck (also ORIGINAL BLISS at KINO!2017) talks about her experience in making the film. After this, the ending with the most votes will get screened.

On May 26, 2016, Major Lars Koch of the German Air Force shoots down a hijacked Lufthansa passenger plane that is en route to crash into a packed Berlin soccer stadium. This is the fictional premise of the interactive television courtroom drama THE VERDICT, broadcast last year on the German network ARD.

Viewers of the thriller were tasked with deciding the fate of Major Koch by phoning in or posting online the verdict they thought should apply: Is the defendant guilty of first-degree homicide of the 164 passengers on board? Is Major Koch guilty or should he walk free?
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KINO!2017: Vote for THE VERDICT’S ending

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