Monday, April 3, 2017

KINO!2017: German films tackle past, present and future

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New German cinema continues to unspool at the Sunshine Cinema until April 6, with KINO!2017 bringing fresh films to New York, spanning a wide range of styles and subjects tackling the past, present and future.

HANNA’S SLEEPING DOGS (Bavarian Film Award for Best Music; Golden Goblet for Best Screenplay, Shanghai 2016) delves into the past: 22 years after the end of the WWII, a small Austrian town is still impacted by dangerous reminders of Nazi Germany. Family secrets come to the surface when 9-year-old Johanna and her family are evacuated due to the danger of unexploded munitions.

Tapping into today’s immigration issues, MARIJA (TIFF 2016) follows the Ukrainian woman Marija, who works as a hotel maid, saving up for a hair salon. After losing her job, she is forced to work for shady men, but through focus and grit, she refuses to be victimized.

KINO!2017’s only documentary POWER TO CHANGE – THE ENERGY REBELLION brings a positive message. Project developer Edy Kraus believes Germany could be using 100% renewable energy by 2030. He’s just one of many green technology entrepreneurs featured in this hopeful documentary who are using small-scale solutions to generate large-scale change.
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KINO!2017: German films tackle past, present and future

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