Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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SIGN ON: Condemn Mike Pence for trying to COVER UP his anti-LGBT record →

ALERT: Vice President Mike Pence is trying to cover-up his horrific anti-LGBT legacy.

We REFUSE to let Pence get away with whitewashing his record.

Condemn Mike Pence →

Here’s what you need to know:

The White House is claiming that Mike Pence displayed “strong and compassionate leadership” in the face of an unprecedented HIV outbreak while he was governor of Indiana.

This is a blatant lie.

In reality, Pence tried to strip critical funding for HIV prevention programs and re-allocate funding to cruel anti-LGBT hate groups that promote conversion therapy. His efforts directly put thousands of lives at risk.[1]

Only after extreme public outrage to the growing HIV epidemic in Indiana, did Pence finally cave. Look -- Pence can try to cover up his atrocious record all he wants, but the facts speak for themselves.

Help us expose the truth behind Mike Pence’s lies. Sign your name to publicly condemn Vice President Pence for his virulent anti-LGBT record:

Condemn Mike Pence →

Mike Pence’s lifelong effort to undermine the rights of the LGBT community can be proven by hard facts and evidence.

Yet his office continues to falsely claim otherwise in an attempt to revise history and sweep his record under the rug.

Americans are sick and tired of an administration that spews lies and behaves without any accountability.

That’s why we’re taking a stand against Pence’s revision of history. Help us send the White House a message:

We know you’re lying. And we REFUSE to let you get away with your homophobic agenda:

Condemn Mike Pence →

http:// go.fightforequality.org/Condemn-Pence

We will never stay silent,

Equality PAC




[1] Queerty | Mike Pence just tried to revise his history on HIV and conversion therapy -- here’s the real story | 3.11.17



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