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Thursday, April 20, 2017

CONFIRM: are you voting in 2018?

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Do you plan to vote in the 2018 Midterm Election?

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This is shocking:

Only 57.9% of eligible voters voted in 2016. And over 72 million eligible Americans aren’t even REGISTERED to vote.

Low voter registration rates and low turnout rates disproportionately affect progressive representation at the polls. And as we saw in 2016, voter turnout is costing Democrats seats on the local, state, AND federal level.

So we need to know: will you vote in 2018?

Do you plan to vote in the 2018 Midterm Election?

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Republican-held states are doing everything in their power to limit voters from casting their vote, from closing polling locations to passing stringent voter ID laws. And it’s working.

In the last decade, Democrats have lost over ONE THOUSANDS state legislature seats. The GOP controls more seats than they have in almost the last 100 years

Republican-backed voter ID laws and voter suppression tactics are only making it harder for Democrats to win.

That’s why we need to know, do you plan to vote in 2018?


Thanks for doing your part and voting,

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