Saturday, April 22, 2017

attack on my office



Just over a month ago, my office on Capitol Hill was attacked.

Why? Because we proudly display an LGBT Pride flag in front of my office.

And this was not an isolated incident. Around the country, minority groups are being violently attacked because of who they are.

We CANNOT be silent while our sisters and brothers are hunted down, persecuted, and discriminated against.

The time to stand together is NOW. If you’re with me, will you chip in a few dollars right now to help us fight back?

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Like many extremists, the perpetrator of the attack on the LGBT Pride flag believes that sexual orientation and gender identity determines who and who doesn’t deserve basic fundamental rights.

That’s why he chose to violently deface the flag, while shouting degrading slurs against LGBT people.

This hostile attack was more than just an act of vandalism. It was an ugly reaction to the progress we’ve made in securing equal rights for the LGBT community.

And unfortunately, over the last few months this intolerance has continued to grow.

From bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers, to hate crimes perpetrated against racial minorities and LGBT people, we’ve reached a tipping point for bigotry in America.

This much is absolutely clear: We cannot afford to stand idly by as discrimination and violence plague our communities.

That’s why I’m coming directly to you. Will you chip in $5 or $10 to help me fight back against these attacks?

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Thanks for standing with me,


Rep. Alan Lowenthal
U.S. Representative
CA 47th District



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