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The Worcester, Massachusetts Daily is out! Edition of 12 August 2017

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The Worcester, Massachusetts Daily
Published by
Terry Travers
12 August 2017
Sports Science Politics Leisure Stories #technology #justice
Today's headline
Worcester, Massachusetts - Wikipedia
thumbnail en­.wikipedia­.org - Worcester (/ˈwʊstər/ WUUSS-tər, local pronunciation: [ˈwʊstə] WUUSS-tə) pronunciation (help·info)[2] is a city and the county seat of Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Named after Worc…
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The Price of Multitasking

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Subject: Daily Dharma: The Price of Multitasking

Morning wisdom to wake you up
August 13, 2017
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The Price of Multitasking

Awareness itself is the primary currency of the human condition, and as such it deserves to be spent carefully.

—Andrew Olendzki, "Busy Signal"
How Religion Can Bring Peace to a Fearful World
an interview with Michael Kinnamon
According to author and interfaith leader Michael Kinnamon, American society is suffering the equivalent of a panic attack. But much of the fear and anxiety that exists in the public sphere, he suggests, is unwarranted. That's why he's issued an interfaith call-to-action to combat fear's "hazard to the human condition."
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Directed by Boonsong Nakphoo
This is the first week to watch our newest Film Club selection, Wandering, which tells the story of Nob, an aging Thai villager who turns to alcohol to soothe his pain after losing his job, his son, and his wife in quick succession. After wandering drunkenly through Thailand's jungles, he encounters a solitary forest monk who ignites a desire in him to commit to a monastic life.
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dead Kennedys -Nazi Punks Fuck Off (lyrics)

Dead Kennedys -Nazi Punks Fuck Off (lyrics)

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Published on Dec 13, 2008
Punk ain't no religious cult 
Punk means thinking for yourself 
You ain't hardcore cos you spike your hair 
When a jock still lives inside your head 
Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off! 
Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off! 
If you've come to fight, get outa here 
You ain't no better than the bouncers 
We ain't trying to be police 
When you ape the cops it ain't anarchy 
[Repeat chorus] 
Ten guys jump one, what a man 
You fight each other, the police state wins 
Stab your backs when you trash our halls 
Trash a bank if you've got real balls 
You still think swastikas look cool 
The real nazis run your schools 
They're coaches, businessmen and cops 
In a real fourth reich you'll be the first to go 
[Repeat chorus] 
You'll be the first to go 
You'll be the first to go 
You'll be the first to go 
Unless you think
Terry  Travers
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Use bookmarks? You're gonna love this

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Introducing Pocket — a better way to bookmark.
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Click that little button in the toolbar any time you find a web page you like: a tasty-looking recipe, a smart op-ed, or instructions on how to build a spaceship out of twine and paper clips. Use Pocket now to save that tab you've had open since the new year.

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Pocket makes the best of the web available wherever and whenever you want—no distractions, no noise. We can't wait for you to try it out.

To a better web,
The Firefox Team

"Antebellum Portraits by Mathew Brady" is now open!

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Subject: "Antebellum Portraits by Mathew Brady" is now open!

Explore images from the artist's daguerreotype studio in New York City
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lander brady

Now Open

"Antebellum Portraits by Mathew Brady"

Through June 3, 2018

Long before he rose to fame as a Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady ran a renowned portrait gallery in New York City, where he produced daguerreotypes for a wide range of individuals.

A pioneering figure in the medium of photography, Brady embraced the latest technological advances and incorporated the newest processes into his thriving portrait practice.

Mathew Brady

Transporting visitors back in time, "Antebellum Portraits by Mathew Brady," traces the photographer's career between 1844 and 1860. Highlights of the exhibition include an ambrotype of Western explorer and civil engineer Frederick West Lander and a salted paper print of presidential hopeful Abraham Lincoln.

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Online Course with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, & Akincano Weber

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Subject: New Online Course with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, & Akincano Weber

Buddhism's four noble truths for a modern world
Timeless teachings. Modern methods.
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The Four Noble Truths
A 6-week online course with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, 
John Peacock, and Akincano Weber
We all know that life is full of suffering. The historical Buddha knew that, too, which is why in his very first teaching he offered a roadmap to navigate this suffering. 

Join teachers Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, and Akincano Weber of Bodhi College in our newest online course—an innovative exploration of the Buddha's earliest teachings—and discover how their ancient wisdom can lead to a freer way of being in our modern world. 

Where does suffering come from? What is it that makes us happy? How can we live ethically in a way that supports personal and collective well-being? Spend six weeks with over 250 fellow practitioners investigating these questions and learning how to:
  • Recognize forms of craving that keep us bound in a cycle of dissatisfaction
  • Confront the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion that prevent us from living freely
  • Let go of harmful mental and emotional states
  • Integrate the Buddha's eightfold path as a moral and ethical framework into our day-to-day lives
Learn more »
P.S. If you're interested in taking a course as a group or with your sangha, get in touch! We offer discounted rates to groups of five or more. Reach out to us at learn@tricycle.org to request further details.
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