Monday, September 19, 2016

America's Worldwide Impunity

News & Views | 09.19.16


  America's Worldwide Impunity
by Robert Parry
In the world of Official Washington, the United States has the right to intervene anywhere, anytime, for whatever reason it chooses.


  As CETA Advances, Reports Warn Deal Will Ruin Economies, Cement Corporate Power
by Lauren McCauley
Germany's minority Social Democratic Party backs trade agreement despite 300,000-strong protest on Saturday
  Seizing Electoral Power, Women Demand 'Solutions as Complex as Our Existence'
by Deirdre Fulton
"Women's economic well-being doesn't hinge on any single issue but rather the intersection of several," declares We Won't Wait coalition
  Supplying White Phosphorus to Saudis? New Claims Reinforce US War Crimes Complicity in Yemen
by Andrea Germanos
Human rights organization also says US bomb used in deadly coalition strike on MSF hospital
  Pivoting Off NY Bombing, Trump Doubles Down on Hate, Fear, and Muslim Ban
by Lauren McCauley
Republican presidential nominee argued Monday that U.S. police should follow the model of Israel and employ religious profiling
  Indonesia's Illegal Deforestation Fires Killed Over 100,000: Study
by Nika Knight
Illegal fires used to deforest land for palm oil and pulpwood plantations are raging again today
  Canada Scrambles to Create National Climate Plan, But May Sign COP21 Without One
by Nika Knight
One step forward, two steps back? Trudeau prepares to sign COP21 while Alberta approves $4 billion worth of new tar sands projects
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  It's Personal: Apologizing to My Daughter for the Last 15 Years of War
by Peter Van Buren
I really wanted to tell my daughter just how sorry I was that she would have to live in what 9/11 transformed into the most frightened country on Earth.
  AFL-CIO to Planet Earth: Drop Dead
by Norman Solomon
A venerable labor song has a question for the leaders of the AFL-CIO: Which side are you on?
  There's No Debate
by Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
The candidates and the media have thoroughly corrupted the presidential debates. Our democracy deserves better. There's still time for a change.
  The Public Option Is Back: Our Enthusiasm Should Be Tempered
by Don McCanne
A public option will be only one more player in our costly, fragmented system of funding health care.
  Contesting the U.S.-Saudi Bromance With 1,000 Cuts
by Robert Naiman
The more senators vote for the resolution of disapproval of the Saudi arms deal, the more controversial the Saudi war in Yemen will appear to be in Congress.
  How to "Stop the Violence": March Up the Steps of the Traders Who Pay No Sales Tax
by Paul Buchheit
Protesting mothers are angry at the people who are killing their children. Much of that anger should be directed at the financial districts of New York and Chicago.
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