Wednesday, July 6, 2016

THELMA TRAVERS (1919-2016)

My mother passed away this morning at 4:05 after a year or two of physical deterioration.
Most of her time recently had been spent sleeping and it was a rare visit when we got an opportunity to interact with her. She had occasional periods of depression according to the staff at Overlook, but I only saw that once.
She had been, however, free from pain to the best I could tell compared to some of the previous years when that was a singular issue.
I'll share here obituary with the 22 of you when it appears. I'll also share from my personal mail address just to pick up people who aren't on this contact list.
If you want to speak with me, please replay here with the number you want me to call and I'll get back to you tonight or tomorrow. More likely tomorrow.
She's being cremated and I personally would choose to bury  her with her father and baby Randy. But that's a decision for a future time.
We'll try to plan a memory sharing ceremony perhaps in the Fall.
I'd thought of August 1, her birthday, but I think a longer lead time will be best for all.
She belonged to Spencer Congregational Church,so I will probably involve them, although there will be no religious ceremony, simply because I never heard her indicate a desire for that.

Love to All,

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