Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Supreme Court’s Dramatic Left Turn

The Nation

NATION DAILY: June 30, 2016

The Supreme Court's Dramatic Left Turn

Scalia's death and Kennedy's willingness to change his mind had enormous consequences.

David Cole
More Bad News for Newspapers

A new report reveals a deepening crisis for democracy as digital media hasten the decline of print.


Eric Alterman

You Tell Us—How Can Progressives Continue to Build a Political Revolution?

What are the key battles ahead?


the Editors

Brexit's Unlikely Lessons for Hillary Clinton

Ari Berman on the GOP's war on voting rights, Zoë Carpenter on the Supreme Court and abortion, and D.D. Guttenplan on Brexit and Trump.


Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener

Zephyr Teachout's Campaign Against Economic and Political Corruption Just Scored a Big Win

Teachout swept the Democratic primary, setting up a race against a Republican backed by billionaire hedge-fund managers.


John Nichols

Britain Is in Danger of Becoming a Zombie State

There is one path back from the abyss—but it's a narrow one.


D.D. Guttenplan

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