Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Islamic Terrorism Is Right-Wing Terrorism

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NATION DAILY: June 15, 2016

Islamic Terrorism Is Right-Wing Terrorism

We've never come under attack by liberal Muslims, but conservative Christians have drawn plenty of blood.

Joshua Holland
Gay Pride, Ramadan, and Solidarity After Orlando

Those of us who join both celebrations know the promise—and the challenge—of a shared struggle.


Muneer I. Ahmad

Federal Officials Ignored Years of Internal Warnings About Deaths at Private Prisons

Twenty thousand pages of previously unreleased documents reveal constant alarm from investigators—and disregard from leadership.


Seth Freed Wessler

Millennials Have Lived Through a Doubling of School Segregation

The old methods of encouraging integration in our public education are failing.


Michelle Chen

Is Removing Climate Skepticism From Textbooks Censorship?

The public school board in Portland, Oregon tried to broaden the district's climate change curriculum. Now it's being accused of suppressing debate.


Zoƫ Carpenter

Can Zephyr Teachout Win a Seat in Congress?

The anti-corruption crusader, who gave New York Governor Cuomo a run for his money in 2014, is one of several promising Bernie-crats running this year.


D.D. Guttenplan

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