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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Left Is Winning the Debate. Now What?

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Subject:The Left Is Winning the Debate. Now What?

NATION DAILY: May 5, 2016

The Left Is Winning the Debate. Now What?

The days of standing for office just to make a point may be over.

Gary Younge
Why Bernie Didn't Get My Vote

It's not his focus on the economy—it's that he doesn't seem to understand that the economy is structured by gender and race.


Katha Pollitt

How to Destroy the Republican Party, in Three Easy Steps

With a few common-sense reforms, Democrats can finish the job Donald Trump has already started.


Thomas Geoghegan

Is the American Party System About to Crack Up?

Three scholars of American politics and history consider whether we're on the verge of a fundamental realignment.


Danielle Allen, Rick Perlstein, Daniel Schlozman

Start Making Sense: If Donald Trump Loses, Will There Be Violence?

Plus: The life, and death, of Sandra Bland.


Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener

Asking for a Friend: How Do I Stop Harassment Without Involving the Police in a Gentrifying Neighborhood?

Plus, a woman's boyfriend has a tax crisis.


Liza Featherstone

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