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Friday, May 20, 2016

Red Jane Daily is out! Edition of 20 May 2016

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Date: Fri, May 20, 2016 2:31 PM
Subject:Red Jane Daily is out! Edition of 20 May 2016

Red Jane Daily
Cold War Brat
Published by
Jane Travers
20 May 2016
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World Business Politics Art & Entertainment Science Leisure #socialist #venezuela
“You know what is happening”: Letter to an Israeli friend
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thumbnail ceasefiremagazine­.co­.uk - By now, I expect you are fully aware of the apocalyptic scenes that have been coming out of Gaza over the past few weeks. In case you are not, I hope the following will give you some idea of what t...
EU parliamentary group wants the US blacklisted as a tax haven
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Hard Copy News
thumbnail www­.rt­.com - In a report titled “The Role of the US as a Tax Haven – Implications for Europe,” the group argues that the US is not doing enough to address the issue of transparency in company ownership and bank...
LOS TWEETS FAVORITOS DE #KuchiFmFotos (19/5/2016)
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thumbnail blog­.kuchi­.fm - Seleccionados de NUESTRAS CUENTAS TWITTER #KuchiFmfotos 16 Fotos históricas mostrando el amor en tiempos de guerra #fotografia @boredpanda — #Kuch...
ease-out, in; ease-in, out | CSS-Tricks
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Charles Bivona
thumbnail css-tricks­.com - We got to talking about easing in a recent episode of ShopTalk with Val Head and Sarah Drasner. Easing is important stuff when it comes to animations and transitions. Combined with the duration, it...
Refactoring a javascript video store
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Charles Bivona
thumbnail martinfowler­.com - Many years ago, when I was writing the refactoring book, I opened the book with a (very) simple example of refactoring some code that calculated a customer's bill for renting some videos (in those ...
World Business Politics Art & Entertainment Science Leisure #socialist #venezuela
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