Thursday, May 26, 2016

Making Trump ‘Presidential’

Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 12:24:18 -0400
Subject: Can the Democratic Party Be United? Plus, Making Trump 'Presidential'

The Nation

NATION DAILY: May 26, 2016

Making Trump 'Presidential'

The leap from common man to dignified leader of the free world is part of the national myth. But Donald Trump requires a real-life fairy tale we haven't seen before.

Leslie Savan
Can the Democratic Party Be United?

Plus: the myth of "independent voters," and Tom Frank on Hillary Clinton and poor women.


Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener

Remembering Marcia Moody: The Amazing Legislator Who Took On ALEC and Austerity

A New Hampshire progressive, who became one of the nation's leading critics of corporate dominance of state legislatures, has died.


John Nichols

On the Shameful and Skewed 'Redskins' Poll

The Washington Post did a grave disservice by utterly ignoring studies that clearly demonstrate the harm mascotting causes.


Jacqueline Keeler

Benjamin Netanyahu Just Formed the Most Right-Wing Government in Israeli History

The new coalition is radical and extremist; it's also an accurate reflection of the political consensus.


Mairav Zonszein

Upset About Excessive CEO Pay? So Are Some BlackRock Shareholders

A proposal to put more muscle into the firm's approach to CEO pay failed, but some are declaring it a victory anyway.


Sarah Anderson

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