Thursday, March 10, 2016

Donald Trump has gotten 23 times as much media coverage as Bernie Sanders

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Subject:Donald Trump has gotten 23 times as much media coverage as Bernie Sanders

NATION DAILY: March 10, 2016

How We Got Trumped by the Media

They're so obsessed with the Donald that they can barely be bothered to cover the other candidates, much less the important issues.

John Nichols
Will the Los Angeles River Become a Playground for the Rich?

The revitalization of LA's neglected riverfront has gone from social-justice crusade to money-soaked land grab.


Richard Kreitner

Congress Is About to Take Food Away From the Poorest People in America

Between 500,000 and 1 million people nationwide, most of them living in extreme poverty, will soon lose their SNAP benefits.


Michelle Chen

Start Making Sense: Bernie on the Move

How Bernie won in Michigan. Plus, "Trump: fascist or clown?" and another kind of politics: the gay revolution.


Start Making Sense, Jon Wiener

Turkey Is Fighting a Dirty War Against Its Own Kurdish Population

A report from behind rebel lines, as PKK rebels resist a ferocious government campaign to crush their uprising.


Jesse Rosenfeld

Why Has Charter School Violence Spiked at Double the Rate of Public Schools?

Meanwhile, charter advocates continue to criticize the safety of traditional public schools.


George Joseph

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