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Monday, December 21, 2015

White Men Could Destroy the Planet | How the NY Times Blew It | Spread of Digital Pedophilia

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - December 21, 2015

The Future of Life Depends on Bringing the 500-Year Rampage of the White Man to a Halt

Frank Joyce, AlterNet

Whites can play an important role in restraining other whites. READ MORE»

The Digital Pedophiles Among Us

Marie Baleo, AlterNet

How a Norwegian newspaper uncovered 100,000 downloaders of child abuse material. READ MORE»

The New York Times Blew This One Big Time: An Epic Reporting Fail with Dire National Consequences

Gary Legum, Salon

The paper of record was forced to revisit a now-compromised story that helped inflame Islamophobia in the U.S. READ MORE»

People Are Waking Up to the Dark Side of American Policing, and Cops Don't Like It One Bit

By Matt Harwood, TomDispatch

Pushing back against a creeping police state. READ MORE»

San Francisco's General Hospital Belongs to the Public -- It's Not Zuckerberg's Plaything

By Sasha Cuttler, El Tecolote

We need to focus on improving health care for all of us. READ MORE»

The Smoke Has Cleared on the Project to Legalize Marijuana in the Golden State

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

Cannabis power players in California have come together. READ MORE»

Why the Bernie Sanders Revolution is Not Televised

By Will Bunch, The Smirking Chimp

The mainstream media is missing a hell of a story. READ MORE»

I Saw Disturbing Racism at Yale After 9/11 -- It Seems Little Has Changed

By Saqib Bhatti, In These Times

When will our universities stop treating students of color as throwaway items in the grooming of privileged white students? READ MORE»

Unrestrained: When For-Profit Companies Abuse the Disabled Children They Are Supposed to Help

By Heather Vogell, ProPublica

While evidence has piled up for decades, one company has used its deep pockets to bully weak regulators and evade accountability. READ MORE»

Disturbing Video: Loose Cannon Cop Snaps, Punches Innocent Man in the Face for No Reason

By Johnny Liberty, The Free Thought Project

Dash cam footage shows shows an 11-year veteran cop violently assaulting a 21-year old homeless man. READ MORE»

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