Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bernie’s Agenda Would Cost Nothing, Plus: The Truth About Border Security

NATION DAILY: September 17, 2015

What 'The Wall Street Journal' Gets Totally Wrong About Bernie Sanders's Agenda

The Journal wants to shock and awe voters with big numbers, but Sanders's proposals would save America big bucks.

Joshua Holland
The Truth About Border Security You Didn't Learn From the GOP Debate

Repeated assertions about lax border security are simply, demonstrably false. But those lies have distorted our immigration policy.


Julianne Hing

Judging by Last Night's Debate, the GOP Race Is Only Getting Crazier

Even if Donald Trump goes away, the Republican Party isn't climbing out of the fever swamps anytime soon.


Michelle Goldberg

Unlike Trump, Rand Paul Actually Made Some Sensible Points During the Debate

The Kentucky senator cut through the "childish, silly back-and-forth" to present reasonable alternatives on foreign policy, drug reform, and mass incarceration.


John Nichols

What the US Left—and Bernie Sanders's Supporters—Can Learn From Jeremy Corbyn

Could Americans be primed for a rejection of austerity politics?


Ted Fertik

Are Americans Finally Facing Up to the True Costs of Mass Incarceration?

The human devastation caused by prisons goes far beyond the cost to taxpayers.


Dani McClain

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