Friday, February 13, 2015

A Clean Energy Future

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News & Views | 2.13.15


  Global Divestment Day Kicks Off With Call for 'Clean Energy Future'
by Nadia Prupis
"From the Pacific Islands to South Africa, from the United States to Germany, people are standing up and challenging the power of the fossil fuel industry. We know that fossil fuels are the past and clean energy is the future." May Boeve,


  Calls Grow to Reject AUMF That Permits 'Waging War All Over World'
by Deirdre Fulton
Opposition to President Barack Obama's request to authorize another endless war in the Middle East continues to build, with progressives charging that the draft resolution is far too broad and anti-war activists mobilizing to defeat the measure.
  'Privacy Critical to Human Freedom': Snowden, Poitras, and Greenwald Talk NSA
by Jon Queally
Poitras described how once you recognize how "pernicious and ominous" the world created by the NSA has become, "it does give you that sense of not being able to sleep" because you come to understand "how deep these powers go."
  'Unconscionable': New Federal Analysis Paves Way for Arctic Plunder
by Andrea Germanos
The federal government on Thursday issued an updated assessment on fossil fuel activity in the Chukchi Sea that conservation groups fear paves the way for an Arctic disaster.
  Rachel Corrie's Family Denied Justice From Israel's Highest Court
by Sarah Lazare
The rejection is the latest stage in the family's decade-long legal battle to hold Israel liable for Corrie's death, on charges that the military either killed her deliberately or was negligent.
  Doctors Worldwide Blast TPP's 'Chilling Effect' on Health, Climate Protections
by Deirdre Fulton
The corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), along with the equally troubling Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), "threaten the ability of governments worldwide to provide affordable health care and to put in place health and environmental laws that protect public health and mitigate health inequity."
  Mass Incarceration Has Been a Costly and Utter Failure: Report
by Nadia Prupis
Mass incarceration and tough-on-crime policies have had enormous social and fiscal consequences—from its $80 billion annual price tag to its myriad societal costs, including an increased risk of recidivism.
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  Campus Divestment Campaigns an Investment in Young Activists
by Moira Donovan
Even as universities across Canada adopt an aesthetic of sustainability, divestment activists suggest that by eschewing divestment thus far, they've opted out of substantive action on climate change.
  It's Past Time to Stop Endless War
by Barbara Lee
Congress must live up to its constitutional responsibility to debate and vote on matters of war and peace. For more than a decade, Congress has abdicated this role.
  Why Muslim Lives Don't Matter
by Nadia El-Zein Tonova & Khaled Beydoun
If halls of American power echo, time and again, that Muslim lives don't matter, the strongest rebuttal must come from Muslim Americans themselves.
  USDA Approves GMO Arctic Apples Despite Opposition
by Wenonah Hauter
This decision marks the first approval of an aesthetically-improved genetically engineered food and will expand the reach of GMO products into the produce aisle, which currently only offers a small number of GMO foods.
  From Warrior Cops to Community Police: A Former Chief on How We Can Turn Back the Tide of Militarization
by Norm Stamper
The police in America belong to the people, not the other way around.
  The Obama Administration Has Two Faces When It Comes to Exposing US Torture
by Josh Bell
The American public has a right to know what took place in the U.S. military detention centers, and the photos are essential to that right.
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