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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Warrior Cops Lose a Round in Missouri | Bernie Sanders: Let's Stand Together

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Ferguson. That's the big topic in today's newsletter. 
It should be. Read on. 
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Daily Headlines

By John Grant
Warrior Cops Lose a Round in Missouri

The cable news duel between Fox News and MSNBC was interesting to follow as the story in Ferguson, Missouri unfolded through the week. Fox took a retro, pro-police line and MSNBC ran with compelling, live images from social media observers on the ground. As a battle of narratives, we have not heard the last from Ferguson, Missouri.

By Bernie Sanders
Let's Stand Together

What happens politically and in elections impacts the future of our country in a very big way. Elections have consequences and will determine whether the jobs in our country pay a living wage, whether women have pay equity, whether all Americans have health care, and whether we transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. If we stand together and fight for the interests of ALL Americans, we win.

By Richard (RJ) Eskow
JPMorgan Chase's $13 Billion Shadow

If the public really understood how badly this bank's employees acted, consumers and investors might stop doing business with them. Banks don't commit fraud; bankers do. The fraud which led to this $13 billion settlement was committed by people -- real people, people whose identities were often known to investigators.

By Eric Zuesse
Barely Reported, Then Totally Ignored: The EU's Obsequiousness to Obama's Nazism Regarding Ukraine
Even almost all "alternative news" sites are controlled by the aristocracy and hide the blatant truth.

By Dave Lefcourt
More Orwellian Newspeak

Last week Pres. Obama stated repeatedly, "No ground forces will be sent" to Iraq. Now that "unequivocal" statement has morphed into he's "considering" a rescue operation using American troops. Forget considering it's all but a done deal. Just a little Orwellian "Newspeak", the usual double talk fed to the American people by their gov't.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas Is Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power

AUSTIN, Tex. -- A grand jury indicted Gov. Rick Perry on two felony counts on Friday, charging that he abused his power last year when he tried to pressure the district attorney here, a Democrat, to step down by threatening to cut off state financing to her office.

Defense Industry-Backed Lawmakers Voted to Continue Police Militarization Program
In June, the House of Representatives voted on an amendment from Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) that sought to partially defund the 1033 Program, which allows the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) under the Department of Defense to transfer military equipment to civilian police. The amendment failed on a bipartisan vote of 62-355. How much money have the Reps. voting to continue funding the program received from defense interests? Representatives voting to continue funding the 1033 Program have received, on average, 73 percent more money from the defense industry than representatives voting to defund it.

By Paul Craig Roberts
Cops Gone Wild

Police victims have no rights, and in the vast majority of cases neither do the families of the murdered police victims. Compensation to the families of murdered police victims is rare as is accountability for the police murderers. In America a police badge is a license to murder.

By Rob Kall
Out of Control, Hyper-Militarized Local Police-- Radley Balko Intvw Transcript-- Part 1

Radley Balko has written a brilliant, powerful book Rise of the Warrior Cop, documenting the terrifying militarization of America's police forces.

By Mark Taylor-Canfield
Seattle Hempfest 2014 - Dawn of A New Era Regarding Legalization of Pot
Journalist Mark taylor-Canfield's report on legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Seattle's Hempfest celebration.

The World Cafe -- A Ray of Light in a Sea of Darkness

Rampant extremism, information silos, filter bubbles, partisan politics, ideological intolerance, media echo chambers -- there is so much disharmony that some fear for the survival of democracy. The World Cafe may not be the answer, but it's an inspiring beacon of good sense and good will. It is just one of a many small grass-roots movements that individuals like you and I can embrace and participate in for a better future. Bookmark this one for those dark moments when it all seems hopeless.

Lisa Woods: Why Schools Don't Run Like Businesses by Lisa Woods
Lisa Woods, who has taught for 25 years, explains clearly in this post why schools will never run like businesses. It originally appeared. In the Greensboro (N.C.) News-Record. She asks readers to imagine a job where one's compensation depends one's "job performance and value" depend on the following conditions: * You are meeting with 35 clients in a room that holds 20.

By Meryl Ann Butler
Turning 60: Desperately Seeking Something

The last thing I remember, Abbie Hoffman was telling me not to trust anyone over 30. Now, not only am I over 30 - WAY over - but all my kids are over 30. So when the big 60th birthday stared me down, I knew I had to do something before I became tragically and terminally unhip.

By Thomas Farrell
Jung's View of Bottom-Up Change
Rob Kall, the publisher of OEN, likes to work with the contrast of top-down versus bottom-up change. He favors bottom-up change in our American culture. In honor of his interest in bottom-up change in American culture, I thought I'd discuss C. G. Jung's view of bottom-up change in society.

Head of MO Highway patrol walks with protesters
Missouri state police Captain Ronald Johnson on Thursday walked with protesters in Ferguson, Mo. and talked with them about the situation.

By Anthony J. Gerst
Shifting from a Patriarchal to an Earth Centric Paradigm

A look at how society is shifting from Abrahamic religion supported Patriarchy toward an Earth First philosophical outlook.

By Franklin Lamb
SOS! Hospital Ships Needed to Save Gaza's Children
Five Hospital ships are urgently needed along Gaza's shoreline at the following locations: opposite Jabaliya and North Gaza, Gaza City, Deir al-Balah, Khan Younis, and Rafah.

By Mike Whitney
Why Obama Wants Maliki Removed

Obama wants to create a pretext for boosting troop levels in the country. What better way to redeploy thousands of US combat troops to Iraq, then to scare Iraqi policymakers into submission with visions of bloodthirsty terrorists (ISIS) lopping off heads and slitting throats at every opportunity.

Wall Street's Money Is Flooding Congress - by Jim Lardner; US News
Jim Lardner of U.S. News crunches the numbers: "Wall Street and financial interests spend huge sums of money trying to get their way in Washington. During the current election cycle, they have already poured more than $800 million into campaign contributions and federal lobbying. That works out to about $1.5 million a day. On the campaign spending side of the ledger, finance is the runaway leader, with $245 million in donations reported through June 2014. In fact, no other economic sector even comes close."Where does the money go? Much of it winds up in the campaign warchests of candidates for national office, with 62 percent going to Republicans and 38 percent to Democrats. The biggest recipients are incumbent members of Congress, especially those with leadership positions or seats on the two main financial oversight committees. In the House of Representatives, the top 20 beneficiaries

By John Rachel
Militarizing The Police

The police are not only being militarized with equipment but with a mentality that makes the average, peaceful, law-abiding citizen the enemy.

By John Whitehead
From Boston to Ferguson: Have We Reached a Tipping Point in the Police State?
The difference between what happened in Boston in the wake of the Boston Marathon explosion and what is happening now in Ferguson, Missouri, is not in the government's response but in the community's response. This is what happens when you ignore the warning signs.

Tea party candidate sues to win Mississippi GOP Senate nomination.

Mississippi's GOP primary runoff in June wrapped up a Senate campaign battle that was all kinds of ugly. But if vanquished State Senator Chris McDaniel has his way the ugliness may have just begun. McDaniel, a tea party-inspired candidate, asked a Mississippi court on Thursday to declare him the winner of the runoff election he lost to incumbent Senator Thad Cochran by some 7,000 votes.

Clueless Conservatives Blame Obama for the Militarization of the Police

Conservatives blame Obama for the militarization of police departments, but the "1033 Program" has been around since 1997. So dies another sad Obama Derangement Syndrome "belief" (aka, an opinion after it's been debunked). But if you click your toes together five times super fast while chanting angrily, "Thanks, Obama!", the Republican God will find something to blame POTUS for before the end of your evening.

Hundreds Of Protesters March Up Broadway Against Police Brutality
The shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a St. Louis police officer on Saturday sparked protests in the streets of Ferguson, MO, and reports of police in riot gear using tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters has caused national outrage. The activist group Anonymous urged cities across the nation, via Twitter, to stage protests in solidarity with the citizens of Ferguson and to protest against police brutality.

By John Nichols
From the Left, From the Right: Calls to Demilitarize Ferguson, and America

The American people are ready for a demilitarization of policing, as the positive response to Captain Johnson's initial approach in Ferguson suggests. They are ready, as well, for policing that strikes a right balance of guaranteeing public safety while preserving civil liberties.


Latest Articles

WSJ blames Ferguson unrest on generous police contracts. Does it also think unions were responsible for holocaust?
refutes truly ridiculous Wall Street Journal notion that overly generous police contracts helped cause the civil unrest in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed African-American man by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.

You Wanna Have Uncle Sam's Back? Pay The Price!
Not many people know that Russia is applying some sanctions of its own to western European countries, the United States, Canada and Australia in response to their latest round of punishing Putin for not doing as he was told.

Has the Pro-Choice strategy of Last 40 Years Failed Women?
"What once was maybe a Christian-Fascist movement against women's right to abortion really got elevated and brought into the halls of power," says Sunsara Taylor of Stop Patriarchy. "Starting with Ronald Reagan, continuing under Bush, escalating Bill Clinton (quiet as it is kept: Bill Clinton who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which became the foundation for the recent Hobby Lobby decision)."

Sweden in Flames: A Price to be Paid for Public Igorance of Fires's Natural Role.

Forest fires raging in Sweden are caused by suppression of light fire in Scots Pine ecosystems.

Malibu Memories in SF

Decades from now, hat will you remember about this week?

Why I Quit the Democratic Party Yesterday

The Democratic Party is now dead as a democratic party; like the Republicans have long been, it's not a party in a democracy at all; it's purely a con-job now.

Smart Meters and Wolve's Sheep Pen

A new smart-meter Wi-Fi technology for energy utilities is being deployed all over the world. By studying our habits, building profiles about us, they believe they are able to guide our decisions towards automation to a profitable target. Welcome to the Internet of Things. The industry leads, but much more prominent are the financiers, those that impose debt slavery to governments, powerful weapons to their agenda success.

Ferguson Unrest Good For Business--Gun Lobby

You would think the world's oldest civil rights organization, as the NRA calls itself, would speak out about the events in Ferguson. Aren't the law enforcement personnel in the hot seat the same jack-booted thugs the NRA screeched about 20 years ago?

Has Clinton Made Her Second Pro-War Mistake?

Clinton has been in and around the White House long enough to have known that when the president is deeply involved in foreign policy decisions, from Ukraine to Syria to Gaza, it is not a good time for his former Secretary of State to launch her 2016 presidential campaign by attacking his foreign policy.

Jewish Jesus and Identity Theft in Renaissance Art

Renaissance artists typically depicted Jesus as a Christian without a hint of his Jewish identity and heritage. And art historians and art critics have failed to acknowledge this falsification of biblical history. An upcoming exhibit at tsinghe National Gallery of Art is a good opportunity for the curators of the exhibit to tell the truth about the identity theft in Renaissance artworks.

House Committee: No Benghazi Scandal

A Republican-led committee has determined there is NO Benghazi scandal.

Washington Has Placed The World On The Road To War

The slaughter by Washington, Washington's Kiev stooges and Washington's EU vassals of civilians in the former Russian territories that comprise the southern and eastern borders of present-day Ukraine is not only largely unreported in the Western media, but also denied or blamed on Russia.

Police States

Are these police officers trained in military weaponry, or are they just given these lethal, high-tech weapons and set loose on the civilian population? It seems the war on terror has spilled onto Main Street, USA. SWAT teams raid barber shops and reporters face rubber (and real) bullets and teargas bombs for simply reporting the carnage and brutality.

Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You
Once again, a war on Iraq is escalation with shifting pretexts, fist to protect Americans and then Iraquis. News Dissector Danny Schechter puts the story in context.

Hillary and Bill Behind the Cameras Mid-August 2014 - a skit
A skit aiming barbs at Hillary and Bill Clinton as they discuss her quest for the Presidency

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

Americans are now so accustomed to seeing police officers decked in camouflage and Robocop-style costumes, riding in armored vehicles and carrying automatic weapons first introduced during the U.S. occupation of Baghdad, that it has become normalized.

Pig Slamming and Dog Burning
Anyone who has a respect for God's animal creation will be saddened by these two events. As bad as they are, the world is full of cruelty to animals. What can we do? Let's try to tackle each cruelty by doing something. And please don't discount prayer. That always brings me some relief. If enough of us would pray, I believe there would be less animal and human suffering.

Murder is Murder

There have been 31 fatalities directly related to a defective ignition switch which did not meet specs, before the first one was ever installed. At the very least, it's voluntary manslaughter. Given GM's paper trail of dodges and subterfuges, suggesting the problem was driver's heavy key rings or rental customers unfamiliar with the vehicle, it's nothing less than first degree murder.

Like Walmart, only with supercomputers and drones: At "cheap" comes at a very hefty price

The temp agencies that are, in essence, the hiring offshoots of Amazon, have long lines of hard-up applicants waiting for every job in its warehouses, so oppressive conditions and ruthless work requirements that constantly cause workers to quit, be fired, or pass out are no problem for Bezos. Amazon smells today's mass desperation, preys on it, and thrives on it.

Local Police and Much Else Will Be Militarized As Long As Federal Government Is

The militarization of local police in the United States is related to the militarization of U.S. foreign policy, which has now reached the point that bombing and "doing nothing" are generally conceived as the only two choices available. Local police are being militarized as a result of these factors:

Jimmy Carter Blasts "Nutcases" Who Block Climate Action

Jimmy Carter, the now 89-year-old president, created the Department of Energy and was known as an advocate for energy conservation and environmental protection years before the term "climate change" had entered the general public consciousness.

Cry for Argentina: Fiscal Mismanagement, Odious Debt or Pillage?

Argentina has now taken the US to The Hague for blocking the country's 2005 settlement with the bulk of its creditors. The issue underscores the need for an international mechanism for nations to go bankrupt. Better yet would be a sustainable global monetary scheme that avoids the need for sovereign bankruptcy.

Record Wildfires Spread From the American West to Northern Europe

Catastrophic wildfire is now devastating Sweden in the worst fire in 40 years. Blazes continue to devastate Oregon with most being caused by decades of fire exclusion in light fire ecosystems. (Only You Can Put Fire Back in Nature!)

The Pope and The Pornographer -- What is the Difference?

"There is a big difference between being anti-pornography and anti sex worker," says Taylor. "Stop Patriarchy does stand firmly against pornography, against the sex industry, against the commodification of women's bodies, against the sexualized degradation of women, and just to be real: what is going on in pornography today is exactly part of this whole revenge against women. I don't understand how anyone could claim to be for

Matthew Harwood, One Nation Under SWAT
Think of it as a different kind of blowback. Even when you fight wars in countries thousands of miles distant, they still have an eerie way of making the long trip home. Take the latest news from Bergen County, New Jersey, one of the richest counties in the country. Its sheriff's department is getting two mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, or MRAPs -- 15 tons of protective equipment -- for a song from the Pentagon.

Economic analysis of law in the economic world
This should be taxable business and all the buyers and sellers need to be paid according to the property range and property location.


Latest Polls

By Rob Kall
Israel/Palestine and Progressives

Can a person be progressive and support Israel?


Best News Links from the Web

Texas' Perry Charged With Coercion for Veto Threat

A grand jury indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday for allegedly abusing the powers of his office by carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption -- making the possible 2016 presidential hopeful his state's first indicted governor in nearly a century. Perry was indicted on charges of abuse of official capacity, a first-degree felony with potential punishments of five to 99 years in prison, and coercion of a public servant, a third-degree felony that carries a punishment of two to 10 years.

How Israel has been 'mowing the lawn' in Gaza to unmake Palestinian society

Matt Carr argues that, in Operation Protective Edge, Israel has gone beyond the destructive 'Dahiya Doctrine' of 2006. This doctrine permits huge retaliation against a civilian population in response to military attacks. Israel is in part adhering to it here, but it is also going further; it aims to completely destroy Gazan infrastructure, rather than simply keep it on the brink of collapse.

Demonizing Suicide Victims and Those who Mourn them is NOT Acceptable
As the night progressed on I would see numerous Facebook posts and news articles related to this tragedy. There wasn't an official announcement at this point, but it was suspected that the comic great had committed suicide. I then spotted this article written by my friend David Phillips. After reading it, I felt as though I had been punched directly in the gut. Not many people know this about me and it's something I rarely talk about unless you're someone that's close to me. I don't even like to think about it and honestly I'm finding it very difficult to type right now. So here goes, I'm just going to rip it off like a band-aid...

Global Warming is increasing moisture in Earth's atmosphere driving Mother of all Feedback Loops
As sunlight enters the atmosphere, a portion is immediately reflected back to space, but the rest penetrates the atmosphere and is absorbed by the earth's surface. This energy is then remitted by the earth back into atmosphere as long-wave radiation. Carbon dioxide and water molecules absorb this energy and emit much of it back towards the earth again. This delicate exchange of energy between the earth's surface and atmosphere keeps the average global temperature from changing drastically from year to year. This study shows without a doubt that our activities as humans are changing the makeup of the upper atmosphere adding water vapor. That water vapor is heating our planet and in turn the heating adds more water vapor to the Upper-Troposphere in the mother of all feedback loops contributing to Global Warming.

TED: Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power

Eric LiU: Far too many Americans are illiterate in power -- what it is, how it operates and why some people have it. As a result, those few who do understand power wield disproportionate influence over everyone else. "We need to make civics sexy again," says civics educator Eric Liu. "As sexy as it was during the American Revolution or the Civil Rights Movement."

Paul Krugman: The Forever Slump

The crisis is by no means over. Recovery is far from complete, and the wrong policies could still turn economic weakness into a more or less permanent depression. The good news is that Janet Yellen, the Fed chairwoman, understands the danger; she has made it clear that she would rather take the chance of a temporary rise in the inflation rate than risk hitting the brakes too soon, the way the E.C.B. did in 2011. The bad news is that she and her colleagues are under a lot of pressure to do the wrong thing from the too-muchers, who seem to have learned nothing from being wrong year after year, and are still agitating for higher rates.

Lewis Black Slams Rush Limbaugh With A Big Ol' F*CK YOU!

The very thunderous and politically outspoken comedian, Lewis Black, lashed out at Rush Limbaugh yesterday for Limbaugh's recent comments about the late Robin Williams. See what Lewis Black posted on his own Facebook page. Lewis Black is not alone in his sentiments. The 'Hate Radio' talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, disgusts the majority of people in and outside of the country. He has been getting away with racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry, on our tax-paid public radio, for decades. Finally, the public is doing something about it. There are several ways to protest Rush Limbaugh, find out here.

With Highway Patrol, hugs and kisses replace tear gas in Ferguson

The heavy riot armor, the SWAT trucks with sniper posts, the hostile glares: tonight in Ferguson they were gone. A stunning change in tone radiated through the suburban streets where protests had turned violent each of the last four evenings following the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story

The message arrives on my "clean machine," a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. "Change in plans," my contact says. "Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you." ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world. For almost nine months, I have been trying to set up an interview with him--traveling to Berlin, Rio de Janeiro twice, and New York multiple times to talk with the handful of his confidants who can arrange a meeting. Among other things, I want to answer a burning question: What drove Snowden to leak hundreds of thousands of top-secret documents, revelations that have laid bare the vast scope of the government's domestic surveillance programs?

U.S. halts transfer of Hellfire missiles to Israel

Apparently, someone at the White House was looking out the window last Saturday as protesters demanded an end to U.S. support for Israel's offensive on Gaza. In an action that comes as Operation Protective Edge appears to be more or less over. However too little or too late the White Houses measure may come in the midst of Gaza's suffering, the petition notes that "This is the first time that we know of that the Obama Administration has ever taken any action to curtail U.S. weapons deliveries to Israel."

Maliki Agrees to Relinquish Power in Iraq

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said Thursday night that he had agreed to relinquish power, a move that came after days of crisis in which his deployment of extra security forces around the capital had raised worries of a military coup. His decision to step aside came after heavy pressure from the United States, which has deployed warplanes in Iraq to target Sunni Islamist militants and suggested that more military support would be forthcoming if Mr. Maliki was removed from power. Iran also played a decisive role in convincing Mr. Maliki that he could not stay in power.

Broadway's 'Aladdin' Pays Tribute to Robin Williams (Video)

Broadway's 'Aladdin' Pays Tribute to Robin Williams (Video) Check out the cast of Broadway's Aladdin paying tribute to the late Robin Williams on Tuesday (August 12) in New York City. James Monroe Iglehart, who plays the Genie, led the whole audience in a sing-along of "Friend Like Me" after the performance at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Watch the moving video.

Robin Williams was battling Parkinson's, widow says

Robin Williams, the beloved comic who committed suicide on Monday, was battling the early stages of Parkinson's disease, it has been revealed by his widow, Susan Schneider. In a statement sent to the news media on Thursday, Schneider explains that the star's sobriety was "intact" at the time of his death, calling him "brave" as he battled depression, anxiety and early stages of the disease.

Willie Nelson on Texas Border Children: "We've Got to Help Those Kids"

On the 60,000 Central American children who have crossed the Texas border in the past year who are now sleeping in makeshift holding cells, Nelson said, "I've been watching, and the only thing we can do is take care of those kids, whatever it takes. Take them in, give them some medical attention. They're scared," adds Nelson, whose parents left him to be raised by his grandparents when he was an infant. "They're being mistreated. And it's not a good way to start off your life. But it's a good opportunity for us to show a little bit of humanitarianism and take care of those kids.

Gov. Jay Nixon: Missouri Highway Patrol Will Take Over Supervision Of Security In Ferguson

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will take over the supervision of security in the St. Louis suburb that's been the scene of violent protests since a police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager, the governor said. Crowds have gathered in Ferguson since Saturday's shooting of Michael Brown to protest the 18-year-old's death. Police defended the use of tear gas and smoke bombs to repel demonstrators after another night of chaos. But the police response has drawn heavy criticism.

9/11 'truthers' a step closer to NYC ballot measure

Washington Times. Activists looking to uncover the truth behind the collapse of 7 World Trade Center during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks have gathered more than 53,000 signatures in efforts to place a measure on the New York City ballot. The nonprofit group High-Rise Safety Initiative, formerly the NYC Coalition for Accountably Now, wants New Yorkers to vote on whether New York City's Department of Buildings should investigate the tower's collapse during the terrorist attack 13 years ago, Raw Story reported.

Antarctica's ice discharge could raise sea level faster than previously thought -- ScienceDaily

Ice discharge from Antarctica could contribute up to 37 centimeters to the global sea level rise within this century, a new study shows. For the first time, an international team of scientists provide a comprehensive estimate on the full range of Antarctica's potential contribution to global sea level rise based on physical computer simulations. The study combines a whole set of state-of-the-art climate models and observational data with various ice models.

Rep. Alan Grayson: American people say, 'No'

The stated "mission" of the Iraq War was to build up a million-man armed force to defend Iraq. We did that. That force is fed by $100 billion in oil money each year. Yet it has been defeated, again and again, by what one Arab official called "a few hundred psychopaths." Iraqi soldiers outnumber the Islamic State by more than 100 to 1, but they won't fight. In one town, a band of ISIS fighters announced their approach with a devastatingly effective weapon: a bullhorn. Iraqi soldiers fled. If the Iraqis won't defend themselves, then why should we? And when will we start solving our own problems?

Laura H. Chapman on the Common Core Standards
The Common Core; "should be tossed--folded, stapled, mutilated, burned. They are based on lies about "college readiness," and they are based on lies about "careers." They are based on lies about being "state led." They are based on lies about "international benchmarking." They are based on phony baloney ideas about "text complexity," and a one-size-fits-all notion of grade-to-grade "learning progressions" and on-time "mastery" right out of a factory model of education--no child left behind on the assembly line. These standards are the production of Bill Gates, Inc"., aided by for-hire workers and federal appointees in USDE who are so dumb they think standards do not have implications for curriculum. The process of generating the 1,620 standards (including parts a-e) was so uncoordinated that nobody seems to have noticed that the only topic in math taught at every grade is geometry"...

Don't Dismiss the Humanities - David Brooks
"What use could the humanities be in a digital age? University students focusing on the humanities may end up, at least in their parents' nightmares, as dog-walkers for those majoring in computer science. But, the humanities are not only relevant but also give us a toolbox to think seriously about ourselves and the world. Says Brooks: " I wouldn't want everybody to be an art or literature major, but the world would be poorer -- figuratively, anyway -- if we were all coding software or running companies. We also want musicians to awaken our souls, writers to lead us into fictional lands, and philosophers to help us exercise our minds and engage the world. Skeptics may see philosophy as the most irrelevant and self-indulgent of the humanities, but the way I understand the world is shaped by three philosophers in particular."...

Missouri: Rex Sinquefeld Wants to Gut Local Control and Impose Unfunded Mandates
ED News from the 50states/15880 districts: Multimillionaire equity investor Rex Sinquefeld doesn't like public education. Apparently he doesn't like teachers either. He doesn't think teachers should be evaluated by their administrators but by the standardized test scores of their students. Evidently he doesn't know that this method of evaluating teachers has failed to work wherever it was tried; evidently he doesn't"He was unable to get these ideas adopted by the Missouri state legislature so he created Constitutional amendment 3, which will be on the ballot this fall. If it passes, the problems and costs will begin. Missouri will have to develop tests for every subject that is taught and administer them at the beginning and end of each course. How will Missouri measure the effectiveness of art teachers, music teachers, physical education teachers? Vast new sums must be spent to create



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